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Significance of Flowers in Livastia

Just as with our own history, different flowers have gained unique meanings over the years in Livastian history, like the rise in symbolic popularity of lilies and tulips as they gained new significance, mainly as a result of the third world war.


White Lilies and MAI

Lilies, white ones in particular, are a common sight in old WWIII battlefields where the long since dead vessels of MAI lie. White lilies are a common funeral flower associated with purity, and other times are used to convey from one person to another, "It feels like I'm in heaven with you." As MAI were born- and many killed during the war, they were thought of as most pure of heart as they never had the ability to commit wrong to their own knowledge; only trust that what they were told to do was right, and the term regarding heaven branched off into simply wishing that wherever they went in death was a good place to reunite with and forgive their own kind from warring sides. These flowers started making appearances a few years after the war ended in the form of bouquets, either left behind by surviving friends and family or kind passerbys, and over time, the lilies began to grow wild there.  

Tulips and MAI

Tulips of the white variety share a similar symboolism to that of white lilies, but red tulips are also a common sight. It is said that red tulips represent a perfect, selfless form of love, and it was associated with deceased MAI in the sense that they had no other form of love to give in their sadly short lives in the war; despite knowing so little of the world around them, many MAI were willing to give up everything for the sake of their crews and fellow units, even if it meant losing their lives. The presence of tulips shares a similar history to white lilies; planted or gifted by living friends, and remaining for decades to come.

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