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Kelly Unit 0634 Segal

Kelly Unit 0634 Segal

(bear with me this man has seen some real shit) Kelly Segal is an A-10 thunderbolt owned by a collector before the war, but was fitted with an AI and activated to fight in WWIII. During this time, he was assigned to a female pilot named Miko, whom after a rocky start, became his closest friend and sister-in-law. Five years into life - and the war, Kelly was shot down by an enemy aircraft. He crashed and was presumed dead, and Miko was later confirmed to be dead. Kelly, however, miraculously survived the crash and was unearthed from his once resting place to be repaired and reintegrated into the human/robot society that had formed while he was down. As a person, he comes across as a polite and level-headed individual, and seems to always know the right thing to say. He takes a respectable position in society in a form of civil air patrol and various other jobs that benefit the community, and currently lives in Spain with his husband Loon, an MD-160 ground effect vehicle in which was used to experiment on the psychological nature of MAI.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

He's got some scuffs here and there, but aside from that, he looks like a relatively new plane. Oh! That, and the evidently replaced left wing, which is the most obvious product of his crash during WWIII. The paint on his nose is also a bit chipped and has definitely seen better days, but he doesn't plan on touching it up any time soon as it's a quite clear symbol of how much he cares for his spouse, Loon.   Along with the common light grey paint job, he has a variety of decals, the most obvious is the pale lavender pair of angel wings stretching across his wings on his underbelly. These are a tribute to his late pilot and sister in law, Miko Segal. Across the elevators on his tail, he has what look like doomsday stripes painted on them, and this is in tribute to another friend, an MAI he lost during the war. Behind his wings. along the bottom of his fuselage are 13 black tally marks followed by a peace sign. These tally marks are his kill count in the war and the peace sign obviously signifying the war's end. This is a common practice among MAI with kill tallies. He's not particularly fond of these markings - he despises them, actually, but he keeps them because he feels that to remove them is to deny that they happened, and would be disrespectful to simply erase a surviving memory of the individuals he took the lives of.

Kelly's Tail Also I Guess??
Kelly's Wings

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kelly, like all other True MAI, was brought into the world to fight in the Third World War. This is how he spent the first five years of his life until he was shot down by an enemy aircraft and crashed. Six years later, he is discovered and unearthed by a rescue team, whom found him after initially searching for someone else. Upon retrieval, he is brought to a French hangar to be repaired and rehabilitated alongside other MAI, and makes friends through the hardships that they share amongst each other.   Approximately 15 years after this, he first meets his soon-to-be-husband, Loon, in an... odd series of events. During a seaside flyover, Kelly is intercepted by two Russian jet MAI- Okay that sounds bad right there, but this is post war, no hard feelings. When intercepted, though, he is told that LAI assistance is needed further down the shore, as an illegal holding/experimental facility has been captured. When the three arrive to the scene, it becomes blatant that the facility was for experimentation on MAI. deceased vessels are being carried out, the living ones are in hysterics that they're going to be harmed or killed, it's an utter mess. A unit close along the seaside catches his eye- an MD-160 Ekranoplan. Didn't the remaining one become listed as missing in action during the war? I guess this is the answer to that question. After the whole ordeal had settled down, Kelly reached out to this MAI, and the two became friends, and eventually, much more than that, as they wed around 10 years later and have been together ever since.   Now, Kelly lives with his husband along the south coast of Spain, where beyond his work, he's taken up the hobbies of wood-working and model-making when he isn't out with his social groups. He stays in contact with his in-laws, the Segal family, and in the present day, is the godfather to his sister-in-law's nephew Charles Segal.

Mental Trauma

Due to the war, Kelly has a minor form of PTSD much like many other MAI. Though not extreme in any way, bringing up certain topics regarding the war will probably prompt him to leave the conversation. He's particularly effected by the mention of things like if anyone close to him was killed, or whether he was proud of what he did.

Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligence-wise, Kelly excels in reading emotions and acting on them. If you're having a bad day, he knows exactly what to do to make you feel better and will go out of his way to make sure you do. He's like the kind of friend that'll show up to your house at 2am because you wanted company, and he grabbed your favorite takeout food while he was at it.   He also has an odd knack for learning languages, and whenever presented with a new one, he's determined to master it. Real language? Fictional language? Doesn't matter; he's already interested. You can't fool this man, if you speak a language he already knows it

Morality & Philosophy

For morality, Kelly is very much a "live and let live" kind of person and a pacifist; this is actually a quite common standpoint among MAI. Do what you believe is right, and never be ashamed of something you do unless it brings harm to others or yourself.

Personality Characteristics

Personality Quirks

  • Kelly seems to have a certain bounce in his movements, especially when he's talking about something he likes, and its common for him to wag his stabilizers when he's excited.
  • Unlike most LAI, Kelly also tends to use his utility arms to communicate much like people do, and almost always has his with him.
  • He also tends to laugh when he's nervous and lower himself closer to the ground.

Neutral Good
Livastian MAI
Aviary MAI
1979 - 2411 (Died 432 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Kelly was activated to take part in the Third World War
Circumstances of Death
Kelly eventually passes by humane euthanasia on his own terms due to his declining mental state in old age.
He mainly identifies as gay since he has a strong preference for masculine traits, and as far as physical preference goes, he tends to favor other aviary MAI.
Kelly has the common yellow eye color of many MAI, and his dominant optic shape is trapezoidal; as is common with most plane LAI.

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