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Flag of the Livastian Alliance

The flag of the Livastian Alliance was created after the third world war during the beginning of Lazarus's reign to symbolize the union of all Earthen nations under a common set of goals, and with it also came the beginning of one of- if not the most peaceful era in the history of mankind.  

What it Represents

Though seemingly simple in design- despite the odd choicing in pattern, there is, to a degree, symbolic meaning hidden within the flag, the most notable being the diagonal red and blue stripes. The clashing colors represent the default colors of opposite sides; enemies, but are placed in such a way, that as you move back to view it from afar, the two colors meld into a shade of purple, as if to represent that in the end, both sides are more similar than what initially meets the eye. This symbolism can also be interpreted to encompass the differences and similarities between robots and organic beings. And the white ring in the middle, though not holding symbolism quite as deep, still represents something; every nation whom has come together to form one.

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