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Adrik Unit 1835

Adrik Unit 1835

Adrik is a feral MAI; known only by his platoon during war, those in his pack or someone who happened to see him passing through a small town in the middle of the night looking for a water source. He rarely talks to those outside his pack, and doesn't take terribly well to humans in particular.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Adrik doesn't have many defining characteristics that make him particularly stand out, having the signature blueish grey paint job of french tanks and no additional painting beyond his ID number. The only real thing that stands out about his body is the bullet wounds he's riddled with across his hull, even possessing some on his turret. Some are shoddily repaired and painted over, but most dealt insignificant enough damage that they had no requirement to be fixed. This, and the accumulated natural growth of mosses and other small flora throughout his hull that are signature characteristics of a feral MAI.

Physical quirks

His movements are oddly stiff sometimes, especially when he's not outwardly presenting himself to anyone- which is often, but he moves much more smoothly/naturally around Nikita, like he's more relaxed and not being forced to act in any particular way.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adrik was another MAI, a Char 2C FCM, activated to fight in the third world war, but is somewhat of an outlier due to his history. Under unfortunate circumstances, he was placed with a crew that valued his function over his character, and neglected to treat him as a peer rather than a tool. This caused developmental problems due to lack of social exposure and interaction, and he struggled to properly navigate his emotions and sometimes lashed out at his own crew and peers as a plea for attention. After struggling with this for almost a year, he'd had enough, and tried to escape into the woods in the dead of night. He did manage to leave, but was almost swayed when woman from another crew heard him start up and ran out to stop him, begging him to stay in fear of what might happen to him if he left, but it was too late to change his mind, and he slipped away into the night about as quietly as a tank could.   After being in the wilderness for so long, Adrik stumbled across another MAI that had fled the war- but they were Russian. Despite the tank being completely dwarfed put in comparison to his own size, both were evidently anxious around each other due to coming from enemy sides. This, though, wouldn't stop them from eventually following each other around and slowly finding themselves in a much more intimate relationship than anticipated. The other tank, a T-18 named Nikita who fled the war due to the fear of harm to herself and those around her, was able to help somewhat bring Adrik out of his shell and took his perceived flaws in stride, making Adrik particularly fond and overprotective of her. Today, they still contently wander the wilds of Europe with a small pack of fellow feral tanks they'd accumulated over time.

Mental Trauma

Due to neglect during a critical developmental stage in his youth, he has trouble properly articulating his emotions and comes off as a cold and emotionless character when really, he just doesn't know how to understand what he's feeling and react accordingly. Another product of the neglect is aggressiveness, and violent lashing out for attention, as his crew ultimately ignored him beyond maintenance and battle, it was hard for him to reach out to them, and found that acting out made them acknowledge him, perpetuating the behavior even if the consequences were unfavorable.

Personality Characteristics

Vices & Personality flaws

One of his main flaws is his aggression, quick to be riled up by most humans and anyone who seems to be a threat to his position. It's deeply rooted in his early life, so it's not an easy fix, but he's genuinely trying to break out of it.

Why German-Speaking?

It has every reason to be seen as odd that a French tank speaks German, but this is a form of spite to his original crew. Despite his first language being French- because that was the main language around him, there were also German speakers present in his platoon whom he learned the additional language from, and when he had finally had enough of his treatment and decided to leave, he decided it was best if he dropped the language of his crew as well in a vain attempt to forget about them. He'd rather be caught dead than speak it again, for it only brings up bad memories.
True Neutral
Livastian MAI
1979 2391 412 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Activated to fight in the third world war
Current Residence
No particular location, but in the forests of central Europe.
The only individual he's ever shown interest in is his partner, Nikita, making it difficult to gauge what exactly it is.
Gender Identity
He doesn't have much concept of gender, and only goes by he/him because that was simply how he was most commonly addressed.
76 short tons
Known Languages
French, German, Russian, and English, though it's rare to see him speaking anything other than German.

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