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The end of the world... The apocalypse... it has never been a single event; it's a span of time. A span over which humanity destroys itself. Piece by piece. I am here to help it come to fruition.
In the world of Litosvide, the gods have perished. They are but a reminder now, knowledge that peace is an impossible concept. Yet as horrors scratch at our doors, we still fight, survive against the odds. But why even stand fighting in such a world, a world of death and terror? Hope. Hope for the future, for a better life. We keep fighting, hoping... that some day, things will change.

Still, it is not a world completely lost. Civilization still thrives as well as it may, and laughter still finds a way to light up the world. Many of us struggle, but there is still a fight to live, to finally break the horrors that surround us. We as a people have become something greater, stronger and more resilient for it. We shall survive.