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A classic fantasy world. Lithos is a world of burgeoning excitement! A world of swords and castle walls, monsters and lords with just a pinch of magic and somethings that aren't so hard to put your finger on. Ages have come and gone as we enter the current era. All throughout the world growth can be seen, with kingdoms rising and spreading influence, so too do the powerful creatures rebel and push back to maintain their domains.   Dotting the landscape we can see civilisations ranging from the primitive mudhuts of the orcs to the beautiful keeps and castles of the humans. Dwarves and giants hold dominion over most of the mountains, atleast on the surface levels...what exists beneath the surface is an unknowable amalgamation of dark dwelling creatures, ranging from the mundane Drow to the unkowable abberations of the far realms.   This world is sealed off from the gods, a barrier of their own making long ago as their direct influence proved to be far too destructive for the plains of mortals. They instead act through avatars and communication, manipulating and encouraging those who would call themselves 'follower' as they strive to further their own goals...or for what amounts to a smile.   Powerful magic users exist but are few and far between. The state of the weave had been in disrepair in recent history. Only in the last 20 years has magic begun to truly return in force. The landscape of the world is changing slowly and the need for adventurers is becoming greater. There are a number of heroes, known for their heroic deeds in the past, but a new era is dawning. Ancient magic and relics, once undiscovered, are now garnering attention from beings of both light and dark. The creatures of the extraplanar seem to be seeping through into the prime material plane, there is much changing and heroes are needed! There are powerful figures amongst the people now but perhaps they won't be enough...Can the heroes rise to the occasion?