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2 Protocapsulus

Name: Protocapsulus   Ancestor: Primordius   Description: Can make inverse copies of specific parts of itself instead of only it's whole self all in one go. It is comprised of a long genomic informational protein (a mucleic acid chain with a "backbone" either the same or chemically analogous to the phosphate-deoxyribose backbone) folded in a specific way, with reaction sites and extra protein components that are not genomic in nature but are still copied using available material in the environment during duplication of the genomic material.   Has primitive gene management mechanisms such as coded start and stop function when specific receptor sites on the surface of the ribozome are triggered (or vacant). This results in production of favourable proteins, such as those that promote optimal bi-layer lipid bubble sizes, proteins that strengthen bi-layer membranes, membrane proteins that promote favourable internal chemical or osmotic concentration gradianets, and mass-produced enzymes which allow it to change it's surroundings and deconstruct and salvage useful material locked up as a protein fragment (early digestion), amongst many other functions.   Also has a hard-coded ability to pick up genome fragments from others and integrate them into a section where they're less likely to interfere with other parts. This on a small, individual scale is often not favourable, but on a large scale sometimes it results in adaptation to an event that might wipe out the rest of the population.   Due to promoting cellular encapsulation, they are semi-cellular organisms. However they are not fully cellular, as when these bi-layer bubbles are connected membrane-to-membrane the protocapsulus particles diffuse fluidly across the membranes from bubble to bubble, as well as sometimes disperse into the surrounding waters.   Food: Environmental nucleotides, small genomic and peptic fragments.   Metabolism: Chemolithotrophic and Chemoorganotrophic   Reproduction: Genomic and non-genomic material duplication   Optimal Ambient Temperature: 230°C   Regions: Deep hydrothermal vent
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Temporal Range: Early Primordial Eon - Late Primordial Eon
Year 950,000,000 - Year 1,430,000,000

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