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0 Premorphius

Name: Premorphius   Rank:   Premorphius Domain   Ancestor: Naturally generated organic molecules.   Legacy: Primordius   Description: Premorphius encompasses all self-replicating molecules descended from multiple abiogenesis events throughout the Abiogenic Epoch, even if they may be chemically exotic to one another and have no genetic relation.   Most of these molecules behaved more like non-living chemicals and often their continued existence outside of the strict conditions in which they appeared was not sustainable. Most lineages who could survive past their initial genesis and continue to replicate outside of optimal conditions still struggled to recover from disastrous declines and died out before the end of the Solar Haze Period. Some unwittingly provided support for others in symbiotic relationships but at this point in history the chemistry of life was too fragile for the others in such a symbiosis to survive the loss of one that is fragile to new conditions but still essential.   The premorphius domain saw it's end with the arrival of forms of life that were much more robust and self-sufficient.   Food and Respiration: Volcanic gases and organic compounds (Chemolithotrophic)   Reproduction: Varied, simple forms of molecule cloning   Optimal Ambient Temperature: 210°C (Average)   Regions: Deep hydrothermal vents    

Novel and Experimental Self-Replicators and their Components:

  RNA-based catalytic self-replicators   One of the oldest successive branching lineages to survive the Abiogenic Epoch and one of the most successful in numbers and distribution, these would go on to produce the LUCA (Latest Universal Common Ancestor). They vary in their use of electron acceptor as this is determined by local resources and environmental conditions, with most early biochemistry revolving around sulphur compounds, nitrogenous compounds and metal oxides. Later forms all shared in common a universal format of carbon-based compounds like sugars and proteins, RNA and a similar roster of metabolic pathways that activate and deactivate with the changes as needed, with minor variations depending on a population's environmental resources. They tend to be found in upper layers in cooler waters feeding from and never far from oceanic hydrothermal vent systems, and later less commonly near the surface such as continental freshwater hydrothermal systems.   Some variations occur within this lineage, such as certain elements being substituted, e.g. phosphorus and arsenic, though the former is more prevalent and widespread.
Genetic Descendants
Temporal Range: Beginning Solar Haze Period - Early Long Primordius Period
Year 600,000,000 - Year 721,000,000

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