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Home of Adventurers, Heroes, and the Great Lyceum.

Originally, known as the Paladin Stronghold, it was specifically founded in order to better defend the land against the sudden emergence of monsters, creatures, and mutated beasts, but as the Second Talthorian War and Great Lislander War grew and more and more devastating, they found themselves with a plethora of outcasts or lost youngling and quickly grew into the largest of the City States. Able to rival full Kingdoms and Empires in economical and military might.

Founded by a Hero of Legend in one of Lislow's greatest times of need, it historically stands as a monument towards Justice in the name of Nochar, but Kiedent Celeste was convinced to expand around the initial stronghold into a new small town and begin schooling those who wanted in the ways of being an Adventurer and Hero. Because of this, it persevered through several wars and conflicts. Fortunately being founded in the west, it was quite a distance from the front lines. While they helped where they could, they focused on keeping the peace and order in the central western areas.

While its reach and influence stretches across the Shamrock Plains, they remained mostly tasked with guarding western borders against threats, something they perform exceptionally well. The only true damaging conflict was while it was still it's a rather fledgling state when its construction was halted for several months as they were attacked by the newly mutated Soularius, but even so, they managed to fight them back with the help of reinforcement from the Fulhumine and Tetraite borders. The expansion was ultimately abandoned and the countryside leading into a desert is still covered in ruins and serves as the camps for many bandit groups and Mercenary Guilds.


With the Soul Lyceum and Guilds drawing members from every corning of the continent, Sun'seir remains the singular most intricate mixing pot of cultures and ethnicities, being very open and welcoming to all ethnicities. There may be a slightly prejeduice against mix-bloods and disdain for Talthorians, but legacy and notoriety takes precedent.


The Paladin Stronghold governs the cities military and economical affairs as the city was founded around it and the Paladins have always served as protectors of the settlement. Their rule and guidance is led by a council made up of a specific guild known, Holy Chalice. Each seat is compromised of a valued and notable member of one of the core functions of the city.


Heavily fortified and protected on all fronts, possibly the most singularly defendable location on Lislow. With guard roations made of Casters, Paladins, and trained Adventurers patrolling the streets and surrounding lands and roadways, there is little criminal and malicious actions and fewer that are not dealt with swiftly and destructively.


Comprised of tall and looming buildings making up the Guild districts, almost no two buildings will look the same as they are built to the Guild's specification and aesthetic. Around them is often the many museums, historical buildings, and plenty of open-air markets. Closer to the edges of the walls are more tall industrial manufacturers and warehouses.


The Guild Districts. There are several, usual clustered around specific hangouts, markets and centers. The type of Guild within can vary on the spectrum.
Market and Craftsman Districts. Also numerous and often containing the less adventurous Guilds. Here almost any cutting-edge Artifacts or Item can be found. For a price.
Schooling Districts. Possible the most famous 2. Containing the Soul Lyceum and the Grand Academy.

Guilds and Factions

Being that the city was founded by, run by and home to most Guilds, there are too many to count. Across the lawful-Chatic and good-evil spectrum. Oftentimes groups of guilds will unite into factions of common goals or beliefs.

Points of interest

The Paladin Stronghold is quite literaly the crowning jewel of the city, as it sits in the center and is the hub of the city.
The Soul Lyceum and the Grand Academy are both visual and historical landmarks of the city, having nearly every adventurer passing through its doors at one point or another.


Bright white stone is the common building material, especially of the streets and Paladin buildings, but otherwise the Guild housing has specifically no uniform and each building will have a wildly different aesthetic, befitting of their Guild.

Founding Date
504 CBE 2 /1
Alternative Name(s)
Hero Town
Location under
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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