The Watchful Eye

"They who bear the power, they who bear the danger, they who bear the responsibility....shall be marked and shall be watched for as long as they draw breath. Never again shall we suffer under the tyranny and abuse of magic."
- Seldimer Essaed
First Grandmagus and Keeper of the Watch


The Watchful Eye is a mark required to be worn by any arcane caster on the continent of Rinas. Since the effects of the Rebellion and the devastation wrought by the elves and casters of the rebellion, arcane capable non-elves have become rarer. About 1 in 500 born are lucky, or unlucky, enough to be granted the gift. Arcane power will usually manifest itself around the coming-of-age for any race and upon which time a representative of the Otemus Arcanium will arrive within days of the discovery. The representative will discuss the option with the parents. The child can either:

  • Be enrolled in the Otemus Arcanium and begin their training in control and responsibility of their powers or....
  • Be taken to an undisclosed location at which point they will be put through The Severing where they will be cut off from the arcane source of Aether and returned to their parents.

Upon accepting enrollment into the Otemus Arcanium the child is then given two weeks to prepare for their departure and then taken to the nearest Arcanium and the ritual to create the mark is performed.

The Watchful Eye's has multiple purposes:

  1. Serves as a legally binding mark that allows the bearer to perform acts of the arcane without persecution, under the laws of the Otemus Arcanium.
  2. Serves as a communication device that allows members to communicate with one another over certain distances.
  3. Serves as a badge of rank among the member of Otemus Arcanium and transforms as your power and place in the order grows. The mark begins as just the Eye with the first partial circle. The final form as seen here is only worn by the Grandmagus themself.
  4. There are rumors that the mark can also be used as a tracking device, but this has been dismissed by the Arcanium and no proof has been found.

Those arcane endowed who manage to avoid being discovered and marked become fugitive from justice, know as Volitate . If they are caught by a member of the Otemus Arcanium or turned into them. The offender is jailed immediately upon capture and given one day to decide to accept education, training, and marked or be Severed.

Identification, Civil (Passport/ID Card)
Signatories (Organizations)


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