The Great Realm War

The sweltering weather beat down on him as he marched forward again with the line, spear at the ready, enemies directly head. Explosions of heat and light burst around him in other parts of battle lines, showering him and his men in gore and shrapnel. The battle has been raging now for more than four hours and he could feel the exhaustion setting in. The battle lines between the three armies finally charged, clashing to secure the only bridge over the river in the area, we've march so long and hard that I couldn't honestly say what river we were even fighting over anymore. The horns sounded and we charged into battle once again, a clash of iron and flesh. Outnumbered, our men fought hard, I battled through exhaustion until as the sun slowly began to sink over the horizon I felt a sharp pain in my side, so intense the world around me went black. I don't know how long I was out, but when I awoke it was dark, and I felt a heavy weight upon me. Collecting my sense I push the corpses off my frame and stood, covered in blood and gore. Alone, standing a sea of bodies and blood surrounded me as far as the eye could see and in the far distance, I could still hear the clashing of iron.
- Soldiers diary, 1st infantry of the Nevarine

The Conflict


The Great Realm War beginnings happened in a far simpler and stranger way than the tales that have been past down. It all began over sheep. On what was once an area of land that made up the corner of three kingdoms, Nevarine Empire, Durlon Kingdom,and The Holy Kingdom of Valadrien lived three different Shepards. These three shepherds in particular owned lands where they raised some of the most prized and expense quality of livestock in their respected kingdoms. Over the course of a week, sheep began to go missing from all three farms only to be found dead on the land of another. The shepherds quickly grew angry with each other and events quickly escalated to violence and purposeful sabotage. Quickly the events escalated to murder, though it took weeks to discover, all three had killed each other in a brawl. Each was discovered by patrols from their respected kingdoms and the patrols had small clashes over whose fault it was. This continued to escalate all the way back up the chain of command until it turned in a war that drags then entire continent of Rinas into a more than hundred year-long bloody war.


The outcome of the Great Realm War, lead to the creation of the The Blades and a fragile peace being made between all six kingdoms. Many of the events of the war would always leave marks on each kingdom that would never be forgiven.


The aftermath of the Great Realm War drastically changed the border of all the kingdoms. Most gained territory, except Durlon Kingdom who's army was the smallest. Their temporary alliance with The Holy Kingdom of Valadrien was the only thing that spared them from being completed conquered by the larger empires.

Historical Significance

Since the peace, large scale war across Rinas has managed to be avoided and with organizations like The Blades helping to keep the peace and protect civilians when their is a conflict, as well as, helping to try and negotiate a peace on behalf of the civilian's protection.


Remanent of the war still stands today as a reminder of the century of bloodshed. Hundreds of villages and towns left in ruins and wiped off the map forever, their ruins standing as reminders of the chaos. However, memories are long and all the kingdoms still itch to take back what they lost or protect what they gained.

In Literature

Many books have been written about the war both fiction and non-fiction. The most popular of them being The Darkest Century. The book is said to be the most accurate depiction of the war, but others argue otherwise that most of the work is embellished.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
8102 AC
Ending Date
8213 AC
Conflict Result
The signing of the Great Hope Treaty


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