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The demographics in Sherborne primarily human, but there is a mix of other races that call this town their home as well.   
Human 57%
Dwarves 12%
Halflings 11%
Half-Elf 7%
Tieldracen 5%
Gnome 1%
Elf 1%
Magnate <1%
Raionwaru <1%
Chisana <1%
Lobokin <1%
Seraphim <1%
Nephilim <1%


Sherborne is run under a Prosperity Council which is made up of members of the business owners and prominent citizens of the town. The council consists of a member each of Sherborne Mining CollectiveDaxtron's Foundry, Grey Trading Company, and two prominent members of the town that are elected by the citizens. All criminal disputes, law changes, or budget issues are brought before the council with a majority vote required for any judgement to be approved.


The town consists of a 15-foot stone wall around the city with guarded gates leading out the northwest and southeast walls. A stone bridge connects the two sides of the city on the river that have portcullis that can be brought down on either side. Small guard towers are set along the wall to man when required, otherwise, only a light presence is kept on the wall.

Industry & Trade

Sherborne maintains itself with the industry that started it as a mining and lumber camp. Striking rich on large veins of iron, silver, copper, and Vectrium. The vast forest nearby also offered decent building materials and extra commerce. The river that the original camp and town eventually is built around offered a great water trade route through the larger cities down the river and ending at Wessfield. Sherborne's location also put them as one of the first stops for travelers and trade making its way through Fort Llyrana  and farther inland.


Within the main town walls, it consists of roughly 500 standing structures made up of mostly wood and stone. Visitors notice right away the superb condition the which the town is maintained. The buildings are built with exquisite skill and flair, leaving no doubt as to their quality. The roads are immaculately kept, with little to no detritus anywhere. Multiple buildings related to the town industries of mining, lumber, and trade. A river runs through the center of the town and supports the populace and industry. Outside of the wall would be considered the "slums' of the town, but still looks in better shape than those seen in larger cities.


Due to the location of the town and its industries, many assets that are related to the town's resources and trade goods are stored in warehouses.


Sherborne began its life as a small encampment set up by the Sherborne Mining Collective, which at that time was a very small mining operation that had struck a sizable vein of iron. A few years into the dig, they discover just what a score they had unearthed. Discovered in addition to the iron was large amounts of silver, copper, and Vectrium. The need for laborers, smelting, forging, transportation, and storage brought more and more people to the camp. The permanent structures began to make an appearance as families sent down roots to live and work in Sherborne. The camp grew to a point that it needed leadership to maintain organization and peace leading to the village of Sherborne birth. Sherborne continues to expand and grow over the years. The Daxtron's Foundry was founded to allow smelting their large yield locally and for larger profit. With the Grey Trading Company moving in shortly after helping provide transportation and accounting for mercantile efforts of the town.


Much of tourism through Sherborne is from travelers going in and out of the country, merchants coming through trade routes, and occasional military squads coming and going from their duty station at the Fort Llyrana. The market square also brings visitors from nearby villages for supplies and goods. Sherborne does offer plenty of accommodation for travelers with a decent selection of taverns, inns, a theater, and rumors of brothels and gambling for those that know how to find it. Sherborne is one of the known stops for Welton's Wagons of Worldly Wonder and Whimsy which makes their way into town during the summer season.


Sherborne is located in a grassland area just below the large hills and lower areas of the llyrana Mountains along the river out of the mountains. Plentiful arable land spreads out for miles from the town opposite the hills with a large forest just past those. Several unidentified ruins have been found in the region.

Natural Resources

Resources that have been found in the area include iron, silver, copper, Vectrium, gold, and stone. Sheep and cows were also found grazing in the area and bred locally to supply the town. Forest nearby supply abundant wood for the area.


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