The population of Freehold is the largest city in the Durlon Kingdom and its capital.
Races Percentages
Humans 43%
Dwarves 23%
Gnomes 13%
Halfling 12%
Elves 4%
Tieldracen 3%
Raionwaru < 1%
Lobokin < 1%
Chīsana < 1%
Maganates < 1%
Serphim < 1%
Nephilim < 1%
Others < 1%


Freehold is the capital city of the Durlon Kingdom and the seat of power for the king. Power is controlled by a hegemony, however, the royal family has managed to maintain the throne for the majority of the kingdom's lifetime.


Freehold is a well-defended city. Large city walls encompass a large majority of the main city, also ward against powerful arcane magic. A large army supports the city even in times of peace. Large Ballista and catapults line the walls protecting it all directions. Freehold also sports a moderate size navy that defends their coast when necessary.

Industry & Trade

With the variety of resources found around Freehold, multiple industries have been thriving for centuries. The mines bring in materials for blacksmiths, armorer's, weaponsmiths, as well as materials that go into work on the recently unearthed and mysterious Aether-Tech that is being researched. The woods offer goods for fletchers, bowyers, coppers, and tailors, as well as, supplying much of the construction in town. The thousands of acres of land outside the city are used for farming and livestock, which feed the city.


Being one of the original cities founded after the Chained Rebellion, Freehold has grown to become enormous commerce and industrial power. Large sections of the city are dedicated to the demands for products in the city. Nearly someone of every profession can be found running a business within or without the walls of Freehold. A vastly improved sewer system keeps the city clean and healthy. King's Crossing, a massive bridge used for travel and commerce connects the east and west sides of the city over the Gavin River. Spectacularly tall buildings and towers can be seen stretching over the affluent portions of the cities. Large forges and blast furnace blow smoke over sections of the city. Smoothed cobblestone paved roads make transportation around the city fast and efficient.


The diversity of commerce and trade in and around Freehold has kept the city prosperous and renewed. The king is always trying to make life in Freehold better for his citizens.   The raw numbers breakdown as follows:
  • Overall Combined City Wealth: 495,580,000 gp.
  • Average Max value for sale: 32,708 gp.
  • Average Max pawn value: 173,453 gp

Guilds and Factions

The Blades have established one of their branches in town as well as a branch office of Otemus Arcanium has been located here as well. Smaller guilds related to fishing, shipwrights, craftsmen, and trade have also setup branch within Freehold.


Freehold was once the heart of the The Elven Conclave's empire. Once known as the great Elven Citadel-City Amontaesi until 7840AC. For over a year a pitched battle between the remaining elven forces and entire might of the Chained Rebellion clashed here. The non-elves rash use of arcane bombardment and assaults on the town for hours on end each day lead to attrition that quickly stacked up on the elves defenses and large swaths of Amontaesi was turned to rubble. When the battle ends, the elven leadership found themselves at the mercy of the leaders of the rebellion and very little remains of what was once Amontaesi. Gavin Durlon declared the people finally free and put the elven leadership in chains to stand trial. He told the people this place would live again as a symbol of hope and peace for the freed people of Rinas. In the next few years, a temporary town was established as the people worked to clean up Amontaesi and rebuilt a new city in its place and after 5 years of hard work, cooperation, and sweat, the first vestigates of Freehold had been erected. From there the city continued to grow and expand, drawing many of those who were left as refugees from the war. Within ten years, Freehold has become the seat of power in and Gavin was made King through the power of the people.


Being the center of the kingdom for leadership, many people are coming to visit Freehold on a daily basis. Some travelers make their way to the city in hopes of being heard by the king or a member of the council, usually in a plea for assistance. The palace itself is also a grand attraction as well as Durlon's Forum. The colosseum offers a variety of entertainment on a weekly basis such as theater troupes, circuses, and non-lethal fighting tournaments of skill.


The architecture of Freehold started very rough but continued to grow in size and population quickly. Much of the inner Freehold rises above the walls with tall sloping buildings, with the ever-growing population the city planners decided to focus on building up and not out. The city outside the walls tends to reflect the cultures of the many races that have settled there.


Built on massive hilly grassland, Freehold sticks out from the landscape and is hard to be missed. Past the fields are thousands of acres of forest in both directions. The city is also bordered by sea with a river that runs through the land the city is built on.

Natural Resources

Freehold has access to a variety of resources. The ocean and the large river that flows through the city offer a variety of seafood and component for tinctures, inks, and potions. To the east and the west are expansively large forests that offer up large supplies of wood for building and trade, animals to hunt, herbs, berries, and fruit to harvest. In the hill within the woods multiple mines of iron, copper, diamond, and scattered plots of Caldrite and Orichalcum have been found as well. As well as a few quarries that are harvested for building stone.
Durlon Kingdom
Founding Date
7840 AC
Alternative Name(s)
The First Free City
Inhabitant Demonym
Characters in Location


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