Durlon's Forum

"In these changing times, as we throw off our chains for the first time in centuries, it's time to give hope instead of hate. I will make this a place for gathering, for laughter, and for peace."
- King Gavin Durlon
Rebellion Leader and Founder of Freehold
    Durlon's Forum is a building of exquisite architecture and size. Built as one of the main buildings around the market plaza and stands out prominently from the buildings around it. The building is accessible to the public most times.

Purpose / Function

Durlon's Forum is a public building available to anyone to be used for meetings, gatherings, and public or private events. News and decrees are also posted on a large board outside the entrance to the Forum. At almost all times of the year, you can find the Forum being used for events, such as weddings, funerals, a place for orators, and governmental announcements.


After the Chained Rebellion the original building was badly damaged in the battle to take the city from the The Elven Conclave much of the roof had been destroyed and front wall had collapsed from the damage it suffered. During reconstruction, the building was gutted from its previous dire purpose and made into a more open-aired forum. The back two-thirds of the roof of the building was replaced with a glass dome and the front third that collapsed was left with low walls to make it more inviting. A clear pool was and plant life was added to give the building a more welcoming feel.


The original building was made mostly from white granite and most of the features were sharp and spired as in most elven design. The original building was much taller previous as it had to house many occupants at once. Since being rebuilt much of the elven architecture was kept in place and replicated in design to make the rebuild easier, instead of destroying the place completely and starting from scratch.


Originally this building was called, The House of Chains, which matched its dark and evil purposes. When the elves realized the younger races were no threat to them due to their lack of magic knowledge, abilities, or training. The elves began to rounds up thousands of the younger races and bind them into slavery. The House of Chains was used as a central selling point for slaves between the elven kingdoms, businesses, and families. This continued for thousands of years until the Chained Rebellion finally brought their enslavement and elven rule to an end. The assault on what is now known as Freehold badly damaged the structure, however instead of destroying it completely, Gavin Durlon the leader of the rebellion, and the first ruler of Freehold decided it was time to give this building new meaning to the people and change its symbol of hate to love.
Founding Date
3323 AC, converted in 7860 AC
Alternative Names
Freedom Hall
Public hall / house


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