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Welcome to Lineria, land of the dragons, home to love. At least, it was, until the Archwings declared their war upon the Diamondwings. Since then, the New Diamond prophecy has sprung.
Upon the brightest night, when the war has been waged for 5 years, four dragonets shall hatch, releasing Lineria from hell. One of the originals shall be found in the lowest of grounds. The Archwing shall be found in the deepest of caves, along with the Emerald Wing. The Diamond Wing shall be found within the kingdom, with the deepest blue of any other Diamondwing. The four will come together, forming peace between the tribes, upon the brightest night.
The Diamondwings are a rare tribe, with wings and talons of pure diamond. The current leader, Queen Diamond, has been challenged 12 times. Her challengers have all been killed. The Emeraldwings are almost the same as Diamondwings. They have talons and wings of pure emerald, and their ruler is King Vocae. Challenged 5 times, but showed mercy to his challengers, and let the, leave with their lives. The Archwings are a mix between Emeraldwings and Diamondwings. They’re composition is complicated, Diamond wings, emerald talons, and emerald/diamond tails. The rest of their body is of a pure black. Their ruler, King Honi, has been challenged only 2 times, due to his power. Both of his challengers didn’t last for 3 minutes.

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