The Emperor's Lance

The bloody and stolen lance.

"It is not often that one gets to see the emperor fight. Most allies will never see it. Any enemy that sees it will not see it for long.   Swift motions and the gleam of the golden lance. It is as beautiful as it is deadly."

Making a Weapon Worthy

This lance was created for the (first emperor) before the battle that would determine the survival of his burgeoning nation. He never fought with it, held it, or even saw it.   (Ikki Korai) was newly appointed as the (Grand Forgemaster) when she was asked to create a lance for the (emperor). She spent an entire season acquiring the right materials before she began the process. It had to be just right, balanced to fight on foot and on the back of a (ketzlat). She called for a courier as soon as it was complete - time was running out and it had to get delivered - but when the courier arrived (Ikki) was dead from a piercing wound to the stomach.

Changing Hands

The thief and murderer who stole the lance from (Ikki) was found only many decades later in his old age. He had tried to sell the lance for a hefty price but no one would buy a weapon of that quality, either because they thought it was stolen or would never be able to sell it for a profit. It was hidden away by the owner until it was found by some local children who were playing.   The thief had the lance taken from him by the personal guards of the (emperor) and they took the thief too, all the way to the (imperial palace) from which he never emerged, though it is runored that his head was mounted of the stolen spear in the palace garden.   Since that time it has changed hands from father to son - except when (Arslan) recieved it from his mother (Enkhtuya).

The Dance of Gold and Blood

The fighting style of the (Emperor) is known only to a few. To those that see it, it is a dance of death. The golden tip of the spear leaves its own image in its wake - which is strange, no gold was ever used in the creation of the lance.
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The Rightful Owner

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