"Emperor" Enkhtuya Dodai

Empress Enkhtuya Dodai

"Emperor Bataar passed away in the deep winter. Empress Enkhtuya gave birth to their first son shortly after his death. The baby, Arslan, was not yet ready to lead but Enkhtuya would not leave the decisions to the advisers - she took the throne in absence of an emperor. She was a conduit to the dead emperor, speaking his words. Under her leadership, Bral focused inward after a long period of expansion and war. Enkhtuya started the infrastructural jobs program which guaranteed a job to every person in Bral. Under her leadership roads were built connecting every town and village, agriculture flourished, and happiness rose."   -Excerpt from A Brief History of Bral

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Enkhtuya was not physically strong or fast. She was thin but resilient against sickness.

Facial Features

Her most notable features were her strong cheekbones and her powerful eyebrows.

Special abilities

Enkhtuya possessed the unique ability to communicate with her deceased husband.

Apparel & Accessories

Enkhtuya preferred dresses but not ones so long they would drag behind her, as was the popular fashion when she became empress.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Enkhtuya was born into one of the lowest ranked noble families in Bral. The family was by no means poor but they had little power and influence among the other noble families and certainly no access to the royal court. She would often do tasks that would be relegated to servants such as making trips to the market and meeting with craftsmen. Even as a teen her skill with words began to shine and she would take part in the discussion of local politics.   In 17EX the then new Emperor Bolkhar Dodai was taking his trip around Bral so the people may see him. During this trip he met with the noble families. During the summer of that year he would meet, fall in love with, and marry Enkhtuya. She accompanied him on the rest of his trip around the empire. While travelling she would leave her husband to talk with the common people. Her affinity toward them grew as did theirs towards her.   Bolkhar would continue the war that his father had started almost until he died. During the end of his life Enkhtuya would convey his orders to the council and no one else was allowed to visit him. The final order conveyed before his death was that the war had been successful, they had acquired the land and resources they wanted, and that the nation should focus inward. He died while Enkhtuya was pregnant.   The programs she started are among the most popular decisions ever made by the imperial line. The Imperial Infrastructure Initiative guaranteed a job to every citizen of Bral. The program built high-quality roads to every town and village in the empire, repaired bridges, mills, and dams that had fallen into disrepair during the war, and continued high volume operations in the mines. These changes facilitated the production and transport of goods across the nation. She started the Royal Academy of Medicine. The school collected medical knowledge that had laid disparate through the empire in one place and began training doctors. Doctors now would provide services that were paid for by the empire.   Many advisers did not like the end of the war and sought further expansion. They could not speak out against her because she spoke the wishes of the emperor. Some that believed she lied about speaking for Bolkhar rallied together and sent an assassin after her. Not much is known about what happened during this event but the story is told about her legendary charisma. The legend is that when the assassin arrived to kill Enkhtuya, she convinced them to join her side. What is known is that over the following season several advisers died. Enkhtuya experienced no further dissent and eventually, when he was ready, Arslan took the throne.   During the reign of her son, Ankhtuya remained an important part of politics with the Imperial Palace and beyond. She sent people to study the different agricultural methods used within the empire and use this knowledge to improve crop yields. This became known as the Agricultural Reformation.   In the spring of 65EX she passed away. She was beloved by the people and only in the future will the full impact of her actions be known.


Enkhtuya was taught the proper etiquette of imperial nobles by her family. She also learned about medicines, her family specialty.


Enkhtuya was never formally employed. Her activities in local politics at a young age were limited and she later became the empress.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The greatest accomplishments of her life are the Imperial Infrastructure Initiative, the Royal Academy of Medicine, and the Agricultural Reformation.

Mental Trauma

Enkhtuya had a phobia of Ketzlat. When her son entered the Skyknights of Bral she was worried for his life constantly.

Personality Characteristics


The Empress desired nothing more than to end all suffering within Bral.

Likes & Dislikes

She is known for loving especially spicy foods.

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient and open-minded. Willing to hear everyone out.

Personality Quirks

Taps her fingers on surfaces when angry.


Social Aptitude

Her most powerful skill was her ability to use words, posture, and presence to work with people. Convince them, talk them down, and grant confidence.

Hobbies & Pets

Enkhtuya spent a lot of time reading. Usually reports and letters from all around the nation.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
She is often called "Emperor" because of how much she did. This is not an official but it is commonly used by the citizens of Bral. She is seen as the first woman to be emperor.
1 65 64 years old
Biological Sex
Long, black
Quotes & Catchphrases
"It needs more spice."
Aligned Organization

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3 Oct, 2019 10:24

The opening of the article is very effective. It sets up what is the career of a very smart woman. She took advantage of an admittedly horrible situation, and twisted it into an advantage. Of course there were people against her, people who would want her out of the picture. The idea that she managed to persuade a paid killer not to kill her.... Charisma 22. I'd love to see that with some quotes from her, to really give us an idea of what exactly it as about her words that inspired people.