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Drunken Halfling Tavern (Drânquem Raufilin Távern)

The Drunken Halfling Tavern has been the biggest and most frequently visited tavern in Syrup since its construction.

Purpose / Function

The Drunken Halfling Tavern has the sole purpose of providing foods, drinks and entertainment for the people of Syrup.


There's a southern and a northern entrance to this place. The northern one is the main one.


Samuel Hamfeet and his family live in this place. Also, Dennis Earthfoot, Cringo Sackins and Lamel Crowmantle are everyday regulars of this particular estabilishment.


There's a small wooden chest in Samuel's room containing 109 cp, 78 sp and 38 gp. There's also a Potion of Healing and the inn's scripture.


This rectangular shaped inn has three floors.     
  • Floor 1: The first floor is the tavern itself. There's a counter, some tables with chairs and a fireplace. Nothing really fancy and special. 
  • Floor 2: The second floor is a wooden deck that contains some more tables with chairs for people to sit and enjoy the place.
  • Floor 3: The third floor is finally the resting area. Some bedrooms can be found here, along with a common room.
There's also a small stables to the east and a fenced animal feeding grounds to the west. To the south there's a trapdoor that leads to an underground basement. This particular room is a gaming room that contains dice gambling, card playing, dart throwing and 1v1 no-weapon fighting.


When the colonization of the Grey Mountain reached its peak and Syrup was prospering a lot, the King decided to finally construct a large inn. He thought its location would fit in the Farmer's District cause then it would be near its main suppliers.    Since Ordo was also owner of Ilbo's Taverns & Bars, the inn also became a part of that franchise. He named this particular unit "The Drunken Halfling Tavern" and conceded the ownership to Samuel Hamfeet, a long-life friend of his. It has been ever since a very joyful and lovely place to gather with friends or stay overnight.


This inn is the main lodging building of the city.
Founding Date
Alternative Names
Samuel's Respite
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Included Locations
Additional Rulers/Owners
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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