Inktober 2020

Liminal Chronicles Art and Articles created for Inktober2020

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1- Fish

Inktober - Fish - 2020-10-01
Inktober 2020 - FISH by Amy Winters-Voss
Oonamazu - the earthquake causing catfish
- Pen and paper

2 - Wisp

Inktober - Wisp 10-02-2020
Inktober 2020 - Wisp by Amy Winters-Voss
Onibi - the demon fire (souls of the dead that didn't pass on)
- Procreate

3 - Bulky

Inktober - Bulky 2020-10-03
Inktober 2020 - Bulky by Amy Winters-Voss
Tome on Onmyoudou and Ofuda (Taoist magic and paper charms)
- Pen and paper, colored in Affinity Designer

4 - Radio

Inktober - Radio 10-4-2020
This Here is Rubber Duck by Amy Winters-Voss
The toy duck Nakamura Hisako found after she heard the song ‘Convoy’ from the US. She became an avid CB radio fan in the 1970s.
- Started as pen and paper - tried to improve it with vector art.
(Not in the shop. Didn’t have the time to make it to my standards.)

5 - Blade

Inktober - Blade 2020-10-05 by Amy Winters-Voss
Honjou Masamune by Amy Winters-Voss

Honjou Masamune - sword that was a national treasure and was made by the legendary sword smith Masamune. Tokugawa Iemasa handed it over to the US Army in December 1945. There is no record of the soldier that took possession of the blade. Rumors abound regarding its whereabouts.
- Black and silver ink on paper

6 - Rodent

Inktober - Rodent - 2020-10-06 by Amy Winters Voss
Momonga Squirrel by Amy Winters-Voss
Momonga squirrel - a common type of dwarf flying squirrel found on Honshu and Kyuushu
- Ink on paper

7- Fancy

Inktober - Fancy - Sashiko 10-07-2020 - small.jpg
Asa no Ha (Hemp Leaf Pattern) by Amy Winters-Voss
Asa no ha (Hemp leaf) is an iconic Japanese pattern. My goal with this drawing was to mimic the sashiko stitches. So I learned a bit more about Designers' vector lines. I am in awe of the people who figured this out without a digital tool to help them picture it. It took me several tries to understand how to replicate the pattern. (It's the center lines radiating from the central circle.)
- Affinity Designer

8 - Teeth

Inktober - Teeth - 2020-10-08 by Amy Winters-Voss- small.jpg
Hannya by Amy Winters-Voss
This style of Noh play mask was the first thing that popped into my head for the prompt. A big departure from my usual cutesy style. The hannya is a human consumed by jealousy that turns into a demon.
- Ink on paper

9 - Throw

Inktober - Throw - 2020-10-09 by Amy Winters-Voss - small.jpg
Komainu (Lion Dog Guardian) by Amy Winters-Voss
The lion-dog statues always look so judgemental and serious as they guard temples. I wondered what would happen if one got to go on break. So this one is asking for you to throw the tennis ball for her. (Experimented with shading, after snapping a photo for 'backup'.)
- Ink on paper

10 - Hope

Inktober - Hope - Sashiko 10-13-2020
Shippo Tsunagi (7 Treasures) by Amy Winters-Voss
The shippo tsunagi pattern is a wish for happiness and peace. Another attempt a imitating sashiko embroidery.
- Affinity Designer

11 - Disgusting

Inktober - Disgusting - 2020-10-12= by Amy Winters-Voss- small.jpg
Chou is Disgusted by Amy Winters-Voss
Suzu-chan made Chou wear a bow for the picture. Let's just say it didn't go well.
- Ink on paper

12 - Slippery

(Passing on this prompt so I could cleanup the sketches from previous days. May come back to this one.)

13 - Dune

Inktober - Dunes - Sashiko 10-13-2020- small.jpg
Wind Blowing Grass on Dunes by Amy Winters-voss
This sashiko pattern fit the prompt to perfectly. I think I'm getting the hang of doing the sashiko patterns digitally.
- Affinity Designer

14 - Armor

Inktober - Armor - 2020-10-15- small - by Amy Winters-Voss.jpg
Kabuto (Helmet) by Amy Winters-Voss
I love the Samurai armor, in particular their wild looking helmets. To me they seem like such a fun contrast to the general humility of the Japanese culture. So they make the whole of the culture all the more rich and vibrant.
- Ink on paper

15 - Outpost

Inktober - Outpost - 2020-10-16 small by Amy Winters-Voss.jpg
Rural Scene by Amy Winters-Voss
Satou's house out of town qualifies as an outpost, right? This is the view from the edge of his property looking out over the valley. I wanted to give the feel of the little hills that jut straight up from the valley floor. They're incredibly steep with dense foliage.
- Pencil on paper

16 - Rocket

Inktober - Rocket - Sashiko 10-16-2020 small by Amy Winters-Voss.jpg
Yabane (Arrow) by Amy Winters-Voss
The traditional arrow pattern looks like a bunch of little rockets to me. Is there a mass migration? Either way, the pattern means unwavering determination.
- Affinity Designer

17 - Storm

Inktober - Storm - 2020-10-18 small by Amy Winters-Voss
Raijin by Amy Winters-Voss
Raijin - the god of thunder and storms. Looking at statues of him, I swear he is the reason anime hair exists. Getting the colors right for this one was a real trick!
- Ink on paper, digitized and colored in Affinity Designer

No Prompt

Inktober - Kesaran Pasaran small
Keraran Pasaran by Amy Winters-Voss
A kesaran pasaram is a white fuzz ball, possibly a fuzzy seed pod, that brings good fortune to its finder. - Ink on paper, digitized (Not in Store)

No Prompt

Umeji - Inktober 2020 - small
Drawn while watching/listening to the WA Big Celebration Stream. Inked afterward. I'd not tried drawing a full figure yet. I will always be fond of comic style characrers with long legs and big feet. - Ink on paper, digitized (Not in Store)

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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