How to Support Liminal Chronicles

Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

It really warms my heart that you like my work on Liminal Chronicles, Hacks and Help, my themes, and View from the Den. If you'd like to support my creative endeavors, here's how:
Feel free to comment, leave a message on my Discord, or click the Ko-fi link.


A BIG Heartfelt Thank You To:


Thank you for your generosity!




Angela Biscup
C. B. Ash
Chris L (commision)

Rise Beta Readers


(Critique Partner)

Angela Biscup
Lengna Olio
Victoria Stone
Jimmy Shrekson

My Editor

Sarah Buhrman

Teachers and Inspiration

Dimitris Havlidis + Janet Forbes

for creating and sharing about World Anvil and always taking the time to answer my questions

Ademal Jacklyn

for sharing so many cool tricks, jumping in when my brain hit overload and putting up with all my questions

TJ Trewin

jumping in when my brain hit overload, sharing cool tricks, and for answering my questions

Jaime Buckley

helping to lead the charge in author platforms and communities, sharing your knowledge, and being such an encourager

C. B. Ash

helping me setup the BBCode language for debugging in Notepad++ and for being so encouraging about my worlds

Those Who Keep Me Going

My husband, Michael

for insisting that I follow my dreams and supporting me through all the ups and downs


my critique partner, cheerleader, friend, adopted fam, and the one who showed me WA


my Inner Sanctum Twin, 'co-conspirator', encourager, and freind

Angela Biscup

bright light of encouragment and friend

Garrett Lewis

encourager and curiosity driven css co-explorer

My family and friends

for putting up with my obsessive drive to write and create, and encouraging me ta-boot!

My wonderful world followers, commenters, and bestowers of likes!

you always make my day by taking the time to check out what I create

Icon Key

Special Agent Supporter

An Agent

is one of the first to join the Liminal Chronicles Discord and one of my closest advisers

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