Flowers and Swords Ward

The open air brothel ward of Sumichou is the district's main draw. The idea of such activities being in the public eye is shocking to most who hear about it. But the shock value is what sparks the interest from the less reputable members of Yokai society.   Nothing is off limits in this district. If a customer asks for it and has the money, they get it. Cash is king. Don't even think about trying to use a credit card here. That kind of transaction takes too long for those selling negotiable affection. Even the most potent designer drugs are sold in the streetside vending machines. Put in your order with the guard and they'll have a host or hostess to suit it.  


At first the clientel consisted only of Sumichou residents. But word spread through Kabukichou and beyond that the wildest and best time could be at in the underground.  


When Sumichou was created under Kabukichou, the initial call for the sex-trade wasn't in high demand because the above ground establishments catered to the whims of the clientel. But as more spirit folk visited, the willingness of humans to cater to more and more fetished requests faded. So Akumakai built their own and business boomed.   The ward turned open air, when the oiran of all genders and species complained that they could not meet the demand for their services. The Akumakai's solution? Remove the walls and have the brothels put bodyguards out front to control the crowds.

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Mature and possible trigger topics are mentioned, but not discussed in depth in this article. We've done our best to keep things to at most PG-13.

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Sumichou Neon Red Ward
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