Crystalized Ki

Everything is available for sale in Sumichou, including life energy, or ki, which can be condensed into a portable crystalized powder form. It's the most lucrative product available in the district and its sales make up about 70% of the income for the area. So if you hold a jar of this substance, don't drop it or you'll lose a fortune, and a suddenly appearing mob will sweep up any specks of it before you can blink.   Human laws don't cover the substance, but yokai laws do. Mortal police may mistake it for cocaine, but it's a much more valuable commodity and banned by all yokai courts.   While ki theft carries a heavy price, the demand for more power and energy for spells, healing, and extending life is ever increasing. The Akumakai found a way around the deadly price of kit theft and developed a method of extorting the promise of ki from victims along with utilizing an extraction machine to collect and flash freeze the energy so it becomes a tangible solid.   Since it is 'voluntary' the ki flows naturally and the machine pays the price if anything goes wrong. Or so the sellers tell you. If you're well versed in the areas rumor mill, you may hear a few stories now and then about someone who used crystalized ki and freezing flames quickly engulfed them. They collapsed on the scene, dead. Most customers for the product are repeat ones, so it rarely goes wrong. Those who rely on it say it's worth any risk.   Crystalized ki is hard to find. But if you have the right connections, you can purchase or have a kill contract put out on someone who buys it in order to get the substance at a discount. Just don't let the assassin know why you are hiring them or you won't be able to retrieve your prize. The assassin can sell it for more than you pay them!
A white crystal powder with a faint blue glow. It weighs almost nothing and acts like an aerogel, in that if not in a container it can float.
Shelf Life
Over a period of days the solid will revert to its spiritual, gas-like and ever present form. You may see a faint blue glow as sparks of it escape the crystalline form.
sickeningly sweet, like standing in a sugar cane field
like honey
Melting / Freezing Point
Can be flash frozen in the vacuum of space. Once frozen it remains solid until a magic user contacts it.

Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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