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Our story starts as Umeji Tatsuya moves from Tokyo, with its bustling, vibrant cityscape, to the charming, slower-paced countryside of Nonogawa, north of Okayama City. Being Yakuza (a mobster), Umeji knows all too well that his past can't stay buried.
'Once Yakuza, always Yakuza. The tattoos mark you for life.'
  Using her influence as the town's beloved dowager, Nakamura Hisako tries to oust the young man over suspicion of his mob association. Yakuza have no place in her town. When Umeji rescues Nakamura and is willing to keep her secret at cost to himself, they get more than they bargained for.   As the mundane and Spirit Realm intermix, we'll find timelines do too. Centuries-old rivalries carry over into modern-day, and past love can carry significance into the present.   Welcome to the Liminal Chronicles! Here you can read about the world of my upcoming book: Rise.

Liminal Chronicles Purpose

This book series focuses on:
    • redemption
    • a person's ability to change
    • consequences of choices
    • mixing of the mysterious and mundane

Rise + Liminal Chronicles Quick Info


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12/12/2019 Added Break Through and Nonogawa River. Updated Rice Harvest Festival to Inari for more info on food.
12/11/2019 Insanity project - "random" fonts for Anonymous Letter to Umeji Tatsuya. Created Rice Harvest Festival to Inari
12/10/2019 updated Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide dictionary. Added a Japanese font to handle the kanji, so hopefully it displays well for all readers.
12/8/2019 Added Suzuki Chiyo
12/7/2019 Created Ohno Yukiko and completed Ohno Yasu for Misunderstandings
12/6/2019 Posted Misunderstandings. 5.2K word story for World Ember 2019.
12/5/2019 updated Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide with the new dictionary. (Will convert pronunciation to hiragana/kanji at some point since I'm using romanized forms of the words).
11/22/2019 Graphics next to the names of my 'Agents' - closest advisors and early supporters.

Moved support me box off category pages now that I have the world header.

Made header bar and whitelabel box responsive.

11/20/2019 World-wide header.
11/19/2019 Background work-added tier badges for subscribers.
11/18/2019 Behind the scenes work. Setup breadcrumbs between short stories and the characters in them. Made sure all articles with secrets are labeled. Found a few more secrets that needed to be stashed away.

Finished a world format template.

11/17/2019 Added subscriber secret to Kitsune.
11/16/2019 Added a clickable secret to Umeji Tatsuya. Sorted all the secrets into subscriber and author only categories and pasted the new ones into the articles. Added support box in global article content and made it smaller and the charcoal box version to stand out. Moved story in Chou Becomes Ohno-chan's Pet out of the document view and into the main body of the article.
11/14/2019 Ibaraki Douji researched and added. Man I missed writing articles each day.
11/11/2019 added top and bottom border images on pages (1025+ width screens only) to tie the color scheme together.
11/08/2019 Nakamura's Dream now has audio of the short story.
11/6/2019 Thank Yous + behind the scenes work for subscribers
11/5/2019 Updated the myth Fujimori and the Fox: Shrines of the Nonogawa Valley Myth (subscriber article).

converted 'Meet the Main Characters' to a statblock so i didn't have to maintain it in both places.

11/4/2019 Finished first pass of editing!!!!! (will be celebrating with playing on WA and NOT editing this week).

Added discord widget.

11/3/2019 Posted the commissioned art of Umeji on front page and his profile.
10/31/2019 Setup the LC discord and added link for it. Baby server but functionality is expanding.
10/30/2019 Edited Ch 27 (first draft. Wow it reads so much better now!!!!)
10/27/2019 Added special icon to denote free stories on Read the Short Stories. Drew Umeji Tatsuya’s nine-tailed fox sukajan jacket. Posted to his profile in the bottom of the right side bar. Finished off Inktober articles with an update to Kodama and Otsuka Hiro, and new articles for TaniMart and Tsukumogami
10/26/2019 Shikigami knocked out a todo item with Inktober day 26’s post.
10/25/2019 Sore Thoat Tonic added for Day 25 of Inktober.
10/24/2019 Added Ki Depletion for Inktober day 24.

Updated the CSS for box containers and bullets to be multi classed. This affected almost every article. Please let me know if something looks weird. I *think* I got it all. *crossing fingers*

10/23/2019 Updated Inari Ookami to be a proper article for Inktober day 23.

Reworking categories to be book and "world" based instead of an info dump on the front page. Book category + book images created.

10/22/2019 Inktober day 22 - new story snippet that ties in the book Rise - Nakamura's Dream
10/21/2019 Added Onmyoudou and Ofuda: A Research Compendium as a treasure for magic users, Inktober Day 21.
10/20/2019 Greatly improved Spirit Realm for Inktober day 20.
10/19/2019 Updated Matsuo Eiji for Inktober day 19 - corrections + clickable secrets. (And moved secrets notices to statblocks for easier updating)
10/18/2019 Updated Otsuka Hiro. Added tag to find pages with css just on that page. Inktober day 18 - Yakuza
10/17/2019 Inktober day 17 - Tattoos.
10/15/2019 Added Date Sari for Inktober Day 15 and gave Nonogawa more details for Inktober day 16. Updated dictionary with ryokan, yukata, raku ware, and obon. Changed header font, the old one would outline the 'N' only - looked weird. Finally found a replacement I liked.
10/14/2019 Tweaking my character template. Used it for Rin as a test and Inktober day 14.
10/13/2019 Ch 26 1st draft edits complete. Moved Oni Tech Treatise to it's own document and updated it for Inktober day 13.
10/12/2019 Inktober day 12 - Created Shion art + article
10/11/2019 Inktober day 11 - Updated Tsuchimikado Yukitada to have clickable secrets, photo, a link to his name and the prompt snow, more on his ancestry. Also added tag clickable secret so readers can see who/what has them.
10/10/2019 Inktober day 10 - Ki. (Have needed to define this for a while, since it's the basis for magic in LC.)
10/9/2019 Inktober day 9 - Oni. (Needed to put this in for a while. Prompt was perfect for it.)
10/8/2019 Inktober day 8 - reworked Nakamura Hisako to hide her secrets, except 1 clickable one that she is willing to share.
10/7/2019 Inktober day 7 - Ofuda
10/6/2019 Inktober day 6 - Oni Tech Side Effects.
10/5/2019 Inktober day 5 - Ki Reserve.

Reorganized contest entries to regular categories and made Summer Camp 2019 Articles for past entries. Was super easy with a template made from the Inktober page.

10/4/2019 Inktober day 4 - Freezing Potion.

Updated Chou to have a clickable secret to add interactivity to her page and an animation.

Created Inktober 2019 to track my progress for the event and have a record afterward for when I move articles under the correct categories.

10/3/2019 Created Chou with art.
10/2/2109 Added Puppeteering.
10/1/2019 Added Mood Rings + added 'Bi' (fire) to Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide. Updated to white label for world. Created Access Denied Page.
9/30/2019 Inner Sanctum Birthday! Wrangled tags on all articles.
9/27/2019 Added Sukajan to Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide
9/26/2019 Created Battle of Sekigahara to go with the Sakamoto Ryouma article. Added the word hakama to Japanese Words and Pronunciation Guide
9/25/2019 Created Sakamoto Ryouma for the Good Politicians competition. He was a real person, but fictional accounts of him will show up in my book.
9/23/2019 Added animation to Kotodama (under Manifestation). Continued a bit of work on the article.
9/21/2019 Added the book/series purpose. Added character profile pictures for the Meet the MCs, even though they are temporary until I get the commissioned works. Ademal was right - it looks better with the images there.
9/20/2019 Changed world row (meet the chars, book progress etc) to Bootstrap columns. This allows for much cleaner code and fewer container classes. YES!!!!
9/18/2019 Added playlists. Put the boxes I want to be featured prominently into the new full-width row. Fixed follower info box text size. Put tag category buttons in containers when clicked it only moves that column. Removed tag/spoiler bg color - so when you click the tag cloud buttons, they open and the content blends w/ rest of page
9/17/2019 Fixed TOC icons to be the clouds again. Changed codex/atlas/chronicles non selected bg to be like my transparent grey boxes.
9/16/2019 Converted Updates to statblock (so don't have to hunt through code to make update note), Tag Cloud (statblock - for the same reason), Book Progress moved to statblock (same reason)
9/15/2019 Book progress updates. Info box trio: Meet the Main Chars, Tags (cloud coming soon), Updates Box
9/14/2019 Added symbols to the TOC to denote Main & Important characters
9/13/2019 Added clan symbols for Umeji Tatsuya and Otsuka Hiro and progress bars for book progress info

Meet the Main Characters

Umeji's commissioned portrait by Monte Miller.
Nakamura character profile by Rinmaru Games,
to be replaced with commissioned work.

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