Liminal Chronicles

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The odds are stacked against Umeji Tatsuya as he restarts his life. Will he dare to protect the person who hates him, even if it costs his freedom? Find out in the Liminal Chronicles series.

Join Umeji Tatsuya as he moves from Tokyo, with its bustling, vibrant cityscape, to the charming, slower-paced countryside of Nonogawa, north of Okayama City. Being a former Yakuza (a mobster), Umeji knows all too well that his past can't stay buried.
'Once Yakuza, always Yakuza. The tattoos mark you for life.'

Umeji Tatsuya

Umeji Tatsuya by Odette.A.Bach

Nakamura Hisako

Nakamuyra Hisako by Odette.A.Bach

Using her influence as the town's beloved dowager, Nakamura Hisako tries to oust the young man over suspicion of his mob association. Yakuza have no place in her town. When Umeji rescues Nakamura and is willing to keep her secret at cost to himself, they get more than they bargained for.
  As the mundane and Spirit Realm intermix, we'll find timelines do too. Centuries-old rivalries carry over into modern-day, and past actions can carry significance into the present.   Welcome to the Liminal Chronicles!

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