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Seaspray Temple

Purpose / Function

Seaspray Temple is the largest and oldest known temple to the goddess Marean, one of the Hero's Three. Its purpose is as a place of worship and tribute to her.


The temple has recently had a little shanty-town built around it, by aspiring devotees to Marean. No physical alterations have been done to the temple itself.


The architecture is seemingly elvish, but with a touch of stylization from the Bay Elves, a subset of elves that live in the ocean, or more specifically in Calypso Bay, where the temple is located. These elves, though they rarely visit the surface, were clearly devout followers of Marean.


The Seaspray Temple was discovered in 510 AGB, by then-explorer Caspian Akir, who would later become High Priest and keeper of the temple.   The temple started to grow in popularity ten years after that, with the establishing of Ren's Faire¬†as the closest mainland town to Oyster Island, and the once-quiet area soon filled with aspiring devotees to Our Lady of the Seaspray.   At present day, the tiny village (around 200 people) around Seaspray Temple is idyllic and highly religious, and also completely¬†unaware of the civil war. None of them even knew it happened. Or is still happening.


You can tour the Seaspray Temple, like you would other old and famous temples. You just need permission from High Priest Caspian.

Founding Date
Approximately 279 AGB
Temple / Church
Parent Location
Oyster Island

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