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Light World


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The Light World is where all the light creatures live (aka humans). They do not like to interact with those of other worlds, even refusing to belive in the existence of other worlds. Xara- our main character- is forced to live in this world through her father who agreed to live on this world because of Xara's long deceased mother. Xara is then forced to live on her own with the disappearance of her father and meets Henry-the only Light creature she can really trust. She goes to school on this world, not knowing much of English seeming as she now lives in America after moving from Iceland. Those from other worlds can be found on the Light World- found information by Xara and Henry as first signs of this comes from their high school- but the creatures from other worlds blend in and stay hidden from the lights as the lights do not believe in them and their existence would throw everyone into chaos. The part of the light world we see is in the United States- in a state not completely specified but shares a resemblance to Maine- light creatures can be found to be quite nasty or quite friendly. There is not much diversity, even though this area is highly accepting of those of different ethnicity. Different sexuality than heterosexuality is definitely looked at differently, many people using homosexuality as a slang and insult even though there are many in the community that can fall under the LGBTQ+ spectrum. This cultural ideal plays a part in the relationships of the three main characters- Henry is more emotional than others and has trouble in social situations which leads those at school to make fun of him and call him 'gay' which he is not and later follows on with a relationship with Xara. Xara and Taoian do not get thrown into the bullying too much since they are a little more socially defined in their gender. Taoian in Bisexual and Xara is panromantic asexual. Through everything Xara is still able to see the beauty in this world, which is why she wants to protect it. Her favorite season is autumn for a reason, the beautiful colors of the leaves as they change and fall to the ground makes her happy as an artist. And the smell of the air and the cool breeze remind her that that is her home. There is no magic on this world, hence a few magical items stashed away by other worldly beings. Xara and Henry are lead to a grimour by Taoian which ends up making it so Henry can be protected from those of other worlds.