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Origin Raptor

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Physiologically they are very similar to all modern Raptors, they were only slightly different. Their closest living relatives are the Terrestrial Raptors.

Biological Traits

Unlike modern Raptors where each subspecies has its own unique colors, Origin Raptors had varying appearances with different color patterns.

Genetics and Reproduction

Reproduction was similar to modern-day Raptors, except that they had broods of up to 4 chicks.

Growth Rate & Stages

The growth rate for children was faster since the Origin Raptors had less knowledge to pass down to their offspring. Origin Raptors were young adults at age 10.

Ecology and Habitats

Most lived in tropical rainforests, but they weren't picky and would live anywhere they could tolerate and find enough to eat.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Origin Raptors were more predatory and ate much more meat than modern Raptors, but they were omnivorous and could eat almost anything.

Biological Cycle

Similar to modern Raptors, their scales changed color and their feathers molted or grew with the seasons.

Additional Information

Social Structure

One alpha and one beta

Facial characteristics

Similar to modern Raptors, covered in feathers with a crest

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Average Intelligence

Slightly less intelligent than modern Raptors, but they were the founders for all modern technology and language

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses were almost identical to modern-day Raptors, but they may have been slightly better

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Unknown, it is unclear whether or not naming was in use yet or what type of names would have been given, the first literature seems to have come from the first individuals of each subspecies.

Major Organizations

No major cities or kingdoms, only large tribes

Beauty Ideals

Likely the same as in all modern Raptors, well-maintained feathers, well-fed, fit for action

Gender Ideals

There was likely little gender distinction, however, it is unknown how their culture differed from modern Raptors

Courtship Ideals

Likely the same as other Raptors, singing, dancing, gift-giving to females

Relationship Ideals


Average Technological Level

No advanced technology, the highest level obtained was the ability to melt iron.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The original language used by all Raptors is still used by every subspecies, however each subspecies has their own dialect

Common Etiquette Rules


Common Dress Code

Unknown, few clothing remains have been found, they may not have worn much clothing

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Unknown, but likely similar to Terrestrial Raptors

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Uknown, some traditions are shared by multiple subspecies and may have originated with the Origin Raptors

Common Taboos



Not much is known about these Raptor ancestors except that they were the Raptors that appeared directly after the alien asteroid hit the planet and mutated the Troodon Dinosaurs. These newly evolved Troodons decided to learn how to make tools and create a language, not because they had to, but because they could. They learned how to domesticate species to gain their resources without costly chases. Eventually, different factions of this species broke off and turned into each subspecies that still exists to this day.

Historical Figures


Common Myths and Legends


Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Raptor Originem
40 years
Conservation Status
The Origin Raptors are the extinct hypothetical ancestor to all Raptors
Average Height
1.3-1.9 meters
Average Weight
35-45 kg
Average Length
3.2 meters
Average Physique
Very slender and sleek hunters
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Feathers could come in any color or colors, scales were grey

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