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Babylon Coalition

One of the leading criminal organizations of known universe. Their main goal is to accumulate as much wealth as they can, yet it's every man for himself.


One leader, which changes when needed. For example, if the leader seems too soft about the agenda, or seems to work with different agendas in mind, the leader can be overthrown. Its not a uniform process, but there is still some kind of honor among thieves.

Public Agenda

Motivation is wealth, whether it is from money, ships, or possession of planets/land.


Unknown amount of materials, ships, smaller outposts (in space and planets), as well as vaults around the known universe.


It is rumored that Babylon Coalition was founded long before the destruction of Earth. For what humans know it has existed in some form long before any other organization and has outlasted them by many years, even though it has no strict rules or power structure.
Founding Date
Strict date unknown.
Illicit, Other
Alternative Names
The coalition
Head of Government
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
All of the currencies currently known are valid, as long as their value is backed (so that no-one is creating currencies from nothing and trading them for real currency).
Legislative Body
The leader decides the rules. After they hace decided something, it will be known to the population by various means (screens, announcements etc), and if someone does not like it, they may try to do something about it if they dare.
Controlled Territories

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