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Life Origins

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After the destruction of Earth, the remaining humans have gathered all around the universe. But the universe is so much more than a single species. Humans have just begun to understand, that there are so much more, so many secrets and so many opportunities beyond the veil. But the world is not just about them.   Universe is on an edge of change. One unknown species is still monitoring almost all of intelligence life and trying to find answers about the fabled all-being, which might have created the life as we know it, and one almost as advanced species is keen on destroying planet-beings and harnessing their power. For what and for whom? Nobody knows yet, but this crusade has destroyed countless of species already. What can be done?   Life Origins is my personal massive universe worldbuilding project, in which I will include all different kinds of stories that cross my mind. With this universe I will have a few ground rules which will bring them together to a bigger picture, but will also give an opportunity to make some smaller slice-of-life-style plots. This universe and its rules hosts all different kinds of planets, with or without magical presence.

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  • Map of Husk of Earth

    Map of the crumbs of Earth after the Great Break

  • Map of Cicero
  • Map of Mumeba