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Lifantle, a world under the whims of fate, look into a cosmos that is shrouded in mystery. From the varying cultures of the Armoni Homelands, to the boundless lands of Yenavir, and the odd beliefs of Lostrial. The world, under the incursions of the whims of powerful idealists, whom wish to see their ambitions adopted by all. May the fortunate be remembered and the unfortunate be forgiven, in this world of fantasy.

Dominion of the Aspects

Lifantle is a world of enigma under the dominion of the Twelve Aspects. Lifantle is a product of the Aspects and their indirect nature. This has produced a world full of mystery, the inhabitants of Lifantle must discover the secrets of the universe on their own, for the gods care little to give them direct answers. Despite this, they hold faith to the Aspects, as it is the aspects power that provides everything they know. Lesser gods exist within the cosmos of Lifantle, though they are prone to remain concealed, only revealing themselves to those they trust. This is due to their mortality, while they may hold incredible power and ability to remain ageless, they may still perish to the determined.

The Aspects


  • Lisarus, Aspect of Life
  • Vessila, Aspect of Freedom
  • Sira, Aspect of Nature
  • Galithur, Aspect of Creation
  • Minora, Aspect of Fortune
  • Uldric, Aspect of Law


  • Seronos, Aspect of Death
  • Veska, Aspect of Domination
  • Ilthenar, Aspect of Void
  • Aytheni, Aspect of Destruction
  • Iyrith, Aspect of Misfortune
  • Hezrik, Aspect of Chaos

Planar Cosmos

The planes are formed in a radial formation fitting to each other from the center the material plane to the edge of reality of the Aspects realms. Brave adventurers often are drawn to the planes surrounding them in the pursuit of many things, be it knowledge or power, many lose themselves to the planes and others return, changed, for better or worse. Within every plane exists god like beings, some more present than others.

Planes of Existance

  • Material Plane
  • Fey Wild
  • Elemental Rifts
  • Soul Desolate
  • Ethereal Plane
  • The Inner Planes of Harmony and Discord
  • The Outer Planes of Harmony and Discord
  • The In-Between


Due to the powerful nature of the Aspects, the world experiences significant Era's, some laden with order, others with great turmoil. This has caused many moments of historic loss, cultures that were once memory fading into nothing. However not all is always lost, at times great ruins are discovered buried in the earth, sunken to the sea, and even transported away from the material plane itself. These discoveries gather scholars, adventurers, pilferers, and the nefarious, who wish to uncover the lost knowledge of the ageless, change it, or even destroy it.

Lands of Lifantle

The material plane of Lifantle is made primarily of three large continents; The Armoni Homelands, The Land of Yenavir, and Lostrial. The landmass of the Armoni Homelands includes other smaller landmasses in the Armoni Archipelago and the Armoni Wastes. The Land of Yenavir is located in the opposite hemisphere of the Armoni Homelands and Lostria, it is made up of a single landmass that's the largest sole landmass in the world. Lostria is the smallest continent located south of the Armoni Homelands, east of Lostria lies the Lostrain Isles.