Emptiness at the Centre

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When Aderastos and his fellow Assets begin to show signs of hallucinations, and Max rescues his squad only to hand them over to the Mater Machine, Commodore Rammage and Dr. Rykstra have to call in a special negotiator to untangle the burgeoning mess.   

A series of Cyberpunk Novels starring the Sentient Android Lieben and a cacophonous batch of genetically augmented Super Soldiers, some of whom are shapeshifting trees.   Emptiness at the Centre is the second novel of the Lieben Cycle, scheduled for 2023 in Print & Digital by Vraeyda Literary.

2156. Aderastos & Max Allard are some of the only members of the ACU left standing after the battle of the reef. What's wide-eyed Max Allard to do to get his team moving toward the rescue of Adelia and their fellows? First thing's first: Tell Aderastos those were, in fact, his goddamned hands.   

2092. Demyan Anastas, wounded by the bullets meant for Sophia, is hearing auditory hallucinations of a deceased engineer. Lieben drifted into protect mode with a religious ferver, while the Conglom narrowed in on their hiding spot. How will Demyan understand what became of Sophia and Lieben? Will the Idless and Sabre's team learn to work together?

Manuscript, Literature


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