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Session 9: The Juthannan Ruins, Pt 2

General Summary

Malach and Trem began to descend the staircase that had appeared, torch sconces along the wall came to life automatically as they descended. At the bottom they opened the door to reveal a room similar to the one they had just been in, except the stone walls and floor were all unusually smooth. There were two doorways as in the room above, one with door missing and the other with a solid wooden door still set in the frame.   As they began to approach the door Trem noticed a nearly translucent green ooze nearly 7 feet tall on one side of the room. Malach began exploring while Trem kept watch on it. The room with the door was extremely well preserved, and was obviously used as a bedroom judging by the furniture therein. While the furniture was extremely well preserved, other contents were much less so, in a large pile of books only a few were still in good condition, and the bed frame and wardrobe contained only dust and rags. As Malach began salvaging what he could, Trem called out that the ooze had taken notice of them.   Once it had blocked off their egress they decided to fight it, and it proved to be unusual and tenacious. While it started off moving very slow and dealing only mild burns when it came into contact with them, as they attacked it more and more it seemed to get stronger instead of weaker. The ooze got smaller, seeming to contract and solidify, moving faster and hitting harder, slamming into them with force. Seemingly solid strikes began to bounce off the increasingly rock like ooze. They attempted to flee, but the ooze was too quick and dangerous, bouncing and hurling its body at them, causing resounding slams into the walls and floor as they would dive out of the way. Malach cast a powerful blast of ice and wind, dealing a decisive blow, causing the ooze to shrink even smaller until it finally froze and shattered, saving Trem and himself in the process.   After a quick break, some first aid, and Malach recovering the remaining relics they decided to explore another gem panel they had seen, the Amulet of Command easily activating it and opening another staircase stretching down. The tower opened into a much larger complex, perhaps a castle, which had several other tower bases and other levels and passages to explore. Trem noticed another ooze similar to the last, but much larger so she stood lookout again while Malach did some cursory reconnaissance. At the entrance to another tower the amulet not only didn't work, but the way the gems responded to touch was different as well, and as Malach didn't want to have to guess the passcode and the ooze had begun to take notice they decided it was time to make their return to Dragontrap and Navid with their prizes, both physical and knowledge.   After climbing the tower and then the rope out of the cave they found Ernst and the wagon gone. They began to make their way back to Dragontrap on foot, stopping for the night at an inn in the village of Thurlow. When Malach went to sleep that night, he found himself back in the underwater chamber of the Deep One, with not just the spellbook on a podium in front of him as last time, but several objects lying on the altar on which he received his Mark. He knew that he could pick only one, and after careful consideration made his choice. Upon opening the spellbook he found that some entries previously illegible burned brightly on the pages, easily comprehensible. He chose a spell and suddenly KNEW it, as though he had always known it.   Then he awoke with a splash of ice cold sea water, startling Trem awake, and causing Malach to have to reveal his bargain, at least in part, to her.

Rewards Granted

Juthannan Books (value unknown)
Silver Mirror - 4' tall (value unknown)

Character(s) interacted with


Session length: 2.5 hours
In game time: <1 day
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
24 Apr 2020
Primary Location

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