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Session 8: The Juthannan Ruins, Pt. 1

General Summary

After Malach and Trem's harrowing escape from Lord Tarquin Crawland's estate, they made their way back to the Winddrift and sent word to Navid that they had acquired the rapier. Navid sent word that he had sold their smuggled goods and would meet them that evening. He arrived with a blindfolded man named Ernst, who recounted his information about the ruins he had stumbled across. Satisfied, they sent him out to conduct further clandestine affairs. Navid delivered payment for her smuggled alcohol and fine wares and collected the rapier, scabbard, and cloak clasp, then discussed gossip about what had happened at the estate.   The following day Malach and Trem rented a wagon and horses and set out with Ernst as their guide. After a day and a half of travel they arrived, finding the hole leading to the ruins without incident. Malach tied of their rope and led the way down into the cavern, illuminating it with his Driftglobe. The hole in the wall was obscured by rock formations, but Malach could hear sounds from other creatures and signaled as such to Trem.   Fortunately the chamber of kobolds was also lit up from a cooking fire, so the guard wasn't alerted to the presence of intruders, allowing Malach to sneak up and slit it's throat, getting the jump on them. After a brief, but bloody battle the kobolds were killed or routed, as an experienced kobold warrior fled after the death of their shaman.   Malach and Trem found a few trinkets they suspect to be Juthannan, then took a quick break to recover before fully exploring the ruins. The discovered a mystical device made up of 9 gems (3x3 grid) on the wall, which had responses when touched (the gem opposite of the middle of the one touched would light up and stay lit for some time). Trem and Malach spent several hours trying to discover how this was supposed to be used. While Trem was taking a shift, Malach noticed the Amulet of Command had a gem that looked somewhat similar to those on the wall and began to analyze that as well. At nearly the same time that he realized the Amulet of Command could be used to bypass manually activating the wall panel, Trem stumbled upon the necessary pattern (did a clockwise spiral starting from the bottom right gem, causing the lights to start in the top left). After some clanking and grinding sounds a massive cloud of dust burst into the room, followed by stones in the floor to descend, creating a staircase leading into blackness...

Rewards Granted

17 copper stars, 8 silver moons, 3 electrum pieces with unfamiliar faces (one side with a human face, the opposite with unknown script)
3 platinum rings, there looks they may once had runes, but have been smashed beyond recognition (10gp each, total 30gp)
Amulet of Command (properties unknown)
Bag of Holding (purchased) 

Missions/Quests Completed

Character(s) interacted with


Session length: 2.5 hours
In game time: 2.5 days
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
08 Apr 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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