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Session 4: Negotiations and Bargains

General Summary

During his raid on the Tor at Hightower, Malach became inflicted with the Vargouille's Kiss like Captain Trem Phoenixwinds. Additionally, his wolf companion had been bitten by a monstrous spider the size of a mid sized dog. The wolf looked badly injured and there was evidence of being poisoned. Malach boarded the Winddrift with the crew, taking the caged vargouille with him. While Malach had become aware of the helpful benefits of sunlight with suppressing the Vargouille's Kiss, he left his wolf to Houlac Onyxbeard's care and searched the wizard's abandoned cabin looking for anything to help his wolf.   After an unfruitful search he returned to the deck of the ship after less than an hour to find that the sky was quickly becoming overcast, with unusual and unnerving speed considering how clear the sky had been such a short time ago and the effects this would have on his immediate health. After a few hours as the Winddrift was passing Sephira's cove, she appeared off the port side of the ship, casually resting on her floating staff and keeping pace with the vessel. Malach invited her on board and they began to negotiations anew as she indicated unprompted that she was aware of both Malach and his wolf's conditions. Declining another offer of procreating, they struck a bargain that she would heal the three of them in exchange for the exquisite pearl he had found in the Tor.   Sephira "Crab Sucker" Salthook released the vargouille and began to treat it like an adorable, favored pet and used its magic in healing Malach. She restored Captain Trem Phoenixwinds from her time spent as a crab and sometime snack of Sephira, then healed her using one the black stones inset into one of the eye sockets of the skull on her staff. She then used the pearl from the other eye socket and shoved it into the wound of the wolf, claiming it would make the wolf better despite not showing immediate improvement. She replaced the pearl with the one she received from Malach and concluded her business, leaving the ship.   After a brief thanks Malach began to catch Trem up, who then confronted Eldon for murdering Dyson and attempting to take over the crew, using a combination of a martial attack and bright pink and red flames. They returned to Ebonwich to recover and tell Caithyra what had transpired.   Captain Trem Phoenixwinds came to give a proper thank you to Malach, and offered more physical rewards for his help. She informed him that the former third mate, Wendell, who had supported Eldon, would be let off in their home port and would not sail with them any more and that she had gotten Houlac Onyxbeard to agree to be the new first mate with Griffin "Tower" replacing him as boatswain. After hearing the accounts of what had happened from the crew, she asked Malach to take over as the Ship's Wizard, with not just the authority, responsibility, and pay that goes with it, but all of the remaining possessions of the previous wizard should he take the job. She informed him she would also be offering the position of shipwright to Dennis the Carpenter, Steffen, and Sobek and if any of them took it on she'd appreciate his help in finishing their training. Finally she offered to take him and his family to any port on the Pearlgulf, and should he choose their home port in Valana she further promised that their families would help integrate the Rivertide refugees into the community and get them back onto their own feet.

Rewards Granted


Treasure Lost/Spent

1 high quality pearl (value/properties unknown; Pearl of Power)

Missions/Quests Completed

Save Captain Trem - Completed
[The Fall of the Ravenhand Pirates

Created Content


Session length: ~3 hours
In game time: 1 day
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
09 Feb 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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