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Session 10: Voyage from Dragontrap to Codyssa

General Summary

Malach woke early the next morning and took a walk to clear his head and to check out Thurlow and see if he could secure transport for him and Captain Trem Phoenixwinds. On his way back to the inn he noticed a familiar wagon parked behind it, and then went in the stables and found a stable hand to question about the owner, finding out they were staying the night there. He headed back into the inn and found Trem sitting with Ernst, who wore a deeply chagrined expression. Ernst apologized for leaving them and explained that they had been in the cave and ruins for so long that he was scared that they had died and that's why he had bolted. Malach showed some annoyance, but said he understood, and then they continued on their journey back to Dragontrap.   Once they returned they got the ship ready to sail and set up a meeting for the following day with Navid, where they received payment for the theft of Lord Crawland's Rapier, discussed some possible trade they could do for Sebastian Hebert, and then went into detail about the ruins. They discussed the location and how easy they were to find, that they had encountered kobolds not just nesting there, but attempting to access it, the Amulet of Command they discovered and how it worked, and the main ruins and its guardians. Navid thanked them for the information and paid them for their work and the amulet they obtained. Navid offered to buy the mirror they found, but suggested that as they were on their way to Codyssa - City anyways, that they should sell it there along with the books they had found. They set sail later that day, making two short stops for trade and provisioning in Radonia - Kingdom, and eventually making it to Codyssa - City 2 and a half weeks later.   Once in Codyssa - City, Trem set about finding someone to assess and purchase their Juthannan artifacts, and gathering information to best make a profit. Malach began asking around on the docks to see if anyone had been to Rivertide in the months since he had left, eventually finding that several of the border towns between Shatia and Ilaria had not only been destroyed, but replaced and overgrown with small forests, what should be an impossible feat in that timeline.   Malach headed to the The Library of Codyssa to try and find information regarding the Mark of the Deep One and about developing his powers. Inside the main library he met the assistant head librarian, Qrum, a zombie tortle. He asked several questions regarding learning magic, finding out that he could attend the academy in return for working in civil service for a time, and then asked about leading questions to find out if they had information about his patron, eventually mentioning The Deep One. Immediately in response to that, Brevul, the head librarian, took Malach aside and activated a magic to keep their interaction secret from those around them. Brevul warned him not to discuss The Deep One openly as it was a banned topic because the last person they knew of that had done research into it had gone insane and died over 50 years prior. Brevul said he'd be able to help him with his research, he'd just need to fill out some request paper work, and he could even request to speak with Eleqium, the dead librarian/wizard, and that they would just do a background check and some interviews with him prior to making a decision.   That night Malach was woken in the wee hours as an Arbiter of Codyssa had arrived and requested their audience. He met an low level Arbiter named Vaffi, who apologized about the time and explained that the person who was conducting his interview was available for the next several hours, but after that it would take several days before he was available again, so Malach agreed to accompany him. Vaffi teleported them to a nearby tower, a waypoint that overlooks a section of the city and provides government services to the populace, and escorted Malach to see Commander Hathre, who then teleported Malach to the main tower of Codyssa - City and told him he would be meeting with Valizar, the archmage lich ruler of the city-state, who had taken a special interest in the request.   Malach met Valizar in a laboratory, and he wore a simple, worn, crimson robe, without symbols, and had a very plain looking staff, except for a fist sized sphere, made of silver, emerald, and amethyst. Valizar immediately noticed Malach's mark and asked him a variety of questions and gave a few words of warning. He also asked Malach if he could run a few tests on the mark itself, and while he initially agreed, Malach ultimately thought better of it. Valizar seemed a little put out, but granted his request for information and the interview, and told him that he would be open to meet with him in the future should he so desire, then without touching him, or accompanying him, he teleported Malach not just to the pier, but inside his cabin on the Winddrift.

Rewards Granted

1500 gp - payment for confirming and exploring the Juthannan Ruins - Sennid Kingdom and providing the Amulet of Command - 3000 gp total, split in half with Captain Trem Phoenixwinds 
1250 gp - payment for theft of Lord Crawland's Rapier - 2500 gp total, split in half with Captain Trem Phoenixwinds 
1600 gp - pawning of Lord Tarquin Crawland's rings, with the exception of his notable Iron Ring 
Recovered Juthannan books and mirror, to be sold in Codyssa - City


Session length: 2.5 hours 
In game time: 19 days
LWP & The Rise of Faerova
Report Date
04 Jun 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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