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Magic: Sources and Types

Magic is present in everything, from the air, to the earth, to every creature (living or otherwise). Some things are more suitable vessels for magic and either have more magic or capacity to hold magic within them. There are three types of magic, which are categorized by the source of their power and method of casting, which are Arcane, Divine, and Primal.    

Arcane Magic

  Arcane magic is the direct manipulation of mystic energies, rather than relying on a connection with outside forces. The ways to directly manipulate magic are by far the most varied, but they all require some amount of talent and practice. There is imbued talent, inherent talent, learned talent, and combinations of the other methods.   Imbued Talent. Someone who is imbued with the ability to manipulate magic did not have it from birth and somehow later gained it, usually in an exchange with a powerful being. Imbued casters are most often warlocks, although some sorcerers gain their ability in dark pacts of similar natures. Sorcerers that gain their powers in this nature usually have it as part of a one time deal where their very essence is changed, and thereafter function as someone with inherent talent. Warlocks will more commonly have an ongoing relationship with their benefactor, and their strength in magic is determined by usage/practice, study, and their patron's favor.   Inherent Talent. Beings with inherent talent have a natural ability to directly manipulate magic, usually virtue of having a higher concentration of magic and power inside of themselves. These range from dragons, demons, and gods and a variety of others, all the way down to their progeny, often for generations and generations. These beings often manipulate the magical energy contained within their own bodies, learning it intuitively, and some learn to expand this control to the energy around them too. Mortal casters are primarily sorcerers, and they grow their power through practice and usage, natural aptitude, and, to a lesser extent, study.   Learned Talent. Those with learned talent usually have the least natural ability to manipulate magic, but through long hours of determination and study, learn how to use the talent they do have to directly utilize magic in the world. Many practitioners of this are called wizards, or "the wise," because of the amount of knowledge they accrue in their pursuit of magic. While this is the most exhaustive and lengthy process, it does provide the benefit of the most utility in that they can learn how to manipulate magic in any matter they so choose, given enough time.   Combination of Talents. There some that have an amount of natural talent for magic that only comes to light when they focus on other aptitudes, primary examples being artificers and bards. They are usually have a weak inherent talent and while they become masters of a craft or skill they are passionate about it will often be used at first by accident. They will then take that talent and learn to wield it in direct conjunction with their other skills, improving it through practice and study.  

Divine Magic

  Divine magic is granted directly by the Gods, granting the prayers of their devout worshipers. The strength of this magic is dependent on a worshipers faith, their devotion to their deity's ideals, their study and understanding of magic, and their natural aptitude. Primarily users of divine magic are clerics and paladins, although there are a minority of warlocks and even some wizards, who become known as Mystic Theurges, who have divine magic granted to them.  

Primal Magic

  Primal magic is about interacting with the essence of magic in things, working in harmony with it, and directing the energy of the elements and nature. The strength of primal magic is largely dependent upon your bond and affinity with the land, elements, and nature, which is why some races like elves and dwarves seem more magical, because they often have this natural affinity with the land. Besides those with this inherent connection, druids and rangers are the most common ones to understand and use this magic.  

Multiple Disciplines

  Some beings have multiple aptitudes, able to access magic from multiple sources, sometimes simultaneously. The Mystic Theurge is able to combine their connection to a deity and extensive study to use both arcane and divine magic. Similarly arcane hierophants, witches, and hags have unique combinations of primal connections and collection of arcane secrets to be able to use both of these magics in concert.    

Supernatural Abilities

  Creatures with larger concentrations of magic often have that develop into physical, or semi-mystical effects, but aren't exactly magic themselves. Because of this, supernatural abilities cannot be disrupted like spells, are not subject to spell resistance, counterspells, or to being dispelled by dispel magic, but also do not function in areas where magic is suppressed or negated. A dragon’s fiery breath, a medusa’s petrifying gaze, a spectre’s energy drain, and many of the ways a monk manipulates their ki are supernatural abilities.

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