Stepping into 2022

Total World Inspiration Omega Overdrive (SUPER PLUS) Collector's Addition (GOLD) Edition

Looking back at 2021, I think I speak for all of us when I say; "well that happened", or at least for a lot of us. In a World Building sense, the end of 2021 is when I started taking my World a little more seriously; I started with a campaign setting for D&D and story-line that I was super excited for, and for the first time I wanted this campaign to be deep and real and heavy. My goal was to strike an emotional chord with all of my players, I wanted to see good tears (and maybe a few "dude, WTF" ones). So, I made characters, backstories, locations, items, etc. I really went down that rabbit hole.   Sadly, like many campaigns, it failed recently. So, I took the leftovers and used it to start on something else. That's where my current passion project lives now (until my ADHD-I kicks in and I move to something else again), and I need a lot of work! Thankfully, WorldAnvil has this reading challenge; an objective and time limit that will motivate me into actually looking into other worlds for inspirations. Thus, this article.   Out of fear for World Builder's Disease (or The Tolkien Fiend as I like to call it [Tolfiend?]), I wanted to focus on what I need specific inspirations for; Characters, creatures, locations, and plots. Though admittedly it was a little harder to find some articles, here are the ones I did manage to find and find some inspiration from!
1. Introduction Page:
"Wanted Hero" by Jaime Buckley
- Now I wasn't trying to find an introductory page. I was looking for other articles when I got grabbed by the tagline and decided to jump in. The background, flavor images, and little snippets of character had me reading the entire thing out of curiosity. The way the article opens doors of interest through the page was definitely something I took note of, somewhat subtle, somewhat not, but all feeling from the same character. I've already started re-writing my introductory pages and restructured my World to try my hand at my own flavor of this.

2. Technology/Vehicles:
"Pulse Riding and Ley Lines" - Gregory Lemon
- I, personally, have never thought of Ley Lines the way that was written out by Gregory Lemon; travel and power source? Wow. Underground and water as well as the default sky? Truly wonderful to me. Taking an old idea such as Ley Lines and changing them up this way is probably my favorite way I've seen them done, and definitely makes me wonder about other older concepts of magic that could be refined for something as mundane/interesting as travel.

3. Homepage:
"Faerie" by Sironfox
- Although there is nothing to the page, I love how there is a book that you have to click on to get anywhere. It is a fantastically cute idea, and lends to a "Fairy Tale book" aesthetic, like you are actually reading this book. While there's not much else currently, I'm definitely looking forward to more from this World, if this is the first impression.

This is where I started looking into the Best of Articles, as much fun as I was having looking and reading through the other Worlds, I felt like there was a better opportunity for inspiration from fleshed out work. Afterall, if they got high praise from the Top Guns, there should be something there.

4. Species:
"Dlintiarnas" by Matthieu A. Weazel
- I love creatures; they add flavor and context to a World, more than most other things in my opinion. They have a huge effect on every aspect of life in our world, and I love seeing that expressed in other ones. This article went a long way in giving a glimpse of what the Dlintiarnas are and their function, and the specifications and differences between domesticated and wild is a wonderful little addition, that adds juuust that extra bit of flavor that I love.

5. Organization:
"High Fae Court" by Ninne124
Wow, that's gorgeous!
— My Wife
  • I know this World is going to get a LOT of praise, from a LOT of people, for a LOT of reasons and articles. And it deserves every bit of it. The amount of detail in the components, the connections to real and heavy concepts in the World, and the presentation. *Chef's Kiss*. Although it does hurt me in the fact that is so beautiful, and I know that I will compare my work to theirs, there is just something wonderful about this World and this Article.

    6. Species:
    -Alright, I have to split this into a few parts. Because whoa.
    6a - Fauna: Splitting creatures into 3 categories of Beasts, Monsters, and Elementals was a great idea. It makes the article seem INCREDIBLY expansive, which automatically made the world feel huge to me. Further drop downs for further specificity was also a great touch!
    6b - The WillNot Beast: Seriously. The ideas of a Fairy Tale Beast a la the Boogeyman, Krampus, or Cucuy coming into reality and enforcing the story, just gets me right in the giggledick. I literally went "Dude, that's GREAT!".
    6c - Flora: Holy hibiscus Batman, there is a lot of categories here. I am legitimately adding this to my world, someway. Somehow. There may not be a lot in them, but the potential is already laid bare!
    Dude, that's GREAT!
    — Me

    7. Landmark:
    "The Comprilith" by Stormbril
    - Look man, I didn't want to talk about this one, I really didn't. Because literally everyone is going to be talking about it. But I get it, it's one of those things like Superman or Spider-Man. When the topic comes up about "The Greats" it has to be seen. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but you start it here, and read on through. But, let's just say that the creativity, the heart, the Lore. It is the Epitome of Passion Project. It really goes to show what someone, anyone, can do when it comes to their World. And as someone who gets too invested into little details, I'm already planning on incorporating something like this into my World.
    — Everyone, literally

    8. Character:
    - Stormbril's writing style has JUST enough information and intrigue to pull a reader in, and make them wonder. I found myself asking questions that I'm sure the author wanted me to; "who is Erin, really?" and "why is she really doing this?" That's just a level of craftsmanship you don't see every day when it comes to Characters. Wonderful work, and I am excited to see where this World goes.

    9. Species:
    "Shallow Ocean Stoneshark" by Stormbril
    - Look, I love Creatures, okay? The Shallow Ocean Stoneshark is a wonderful little creature as a concept, and the article written for them is another example of spectacular Worldbuilding and Article Craftsmanship. There are enough details to get the information across, there are speckles of Lore littered about the page, but not too much to take away from the overall Article. The adorable little non-canonical jokes are also just a nice little dash of flavor!

    10. Species:
    "The Grave Elk" by Stormbril
    - I tried. I tried finding a different topic, Article, World, or Author. But I've been so drawn into this World, I couldn't. The Grave Elk is probably my favorite Creature Article I've seen so far. Written with a little bit of Folklore Mythos intertwined, and a freaking poem at the top, was all I needed to be convinced that this was going to be an interesting creature. Though there is little information about the Elk itself, the Lore mixed in the Article gave enough insight to how the creature is viewed, to know that this is a creature of note; this is something to KNOW about the World. And as the Great Bard William Shakespeare once wrote "brevity is the soul of wit".

    There is a lot of information from these articles, a lot of little things to pull and peel and form and shape into something unique and Wonderful. Every one of these Authors and creative minds are bound for something great, and I'm hoping to follow along in their path that they have set before all of us

    For 2022. I want to finish the bare bones of my World. I need to finish, that way I can use all this article inspiration I have now, and learn everything I need to learn to make it as beautiful as the homepage inspirations I've seen today, and hopefully more to come.  
    Looking at just more than what was written really pushed me down a creative spiral. I now have a few hundred ideas that I want to look through and see what I can work with. I might need a bigger hammer.
    — Me
    In-articles Jokes is something I really did love. Quotes from "in universe" characters, or little joke details was something I think I really admired in all the articles I've read, and wish I could see more of. Even little extra details, like Folklore, or poems, in universe details are also little flavors that I adore.
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