Tambet Käruli

King Tambet Käruli

Tambet Käruli was the leader of a Saralian tribe and the man who united his people and became the first monarch of the Kingdom of Sarala. During his reign, the country went through countless reforms and swore fealty to the Imperium of Qerthéllnaval.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Tambet Käruli was born on the 11th of Abrealis, 2012 BA. His father, Heinö, was the Elder of Järvala, but unfortunately for their family, he had died a few years after Tambet's birth, leaving his older brother Pekko in charge of the household while other influential families elected a new Elder. Their mother, Kaja, did what she could for her children, but their family had lost most of their political power. Some of the families had become outright hostile toward the Käruli children, claiming that they ought to have their land confiscated. Kaja feared for the wellbeing of her children and took them to her brother, Vello Kivele, the Elder of the Mesapõ.

Vello welcomed the children and treated them with the same love and care as he did with his own children. Every morning they had to wake up at the crack of dawn and train in the courtyard. Both Kaja and Vello viewed the children as useful assets whose claims on their father's lands could come in handy. Kaja wanted Pekko to become his father and Vello wanted to have a strong reliable ally near the lakes. Neither of them knew what to do with Tambet so they just considered him the backup in case something were to go wrong.

As the years passed and Tambet began understanding the situation that he was in, he grew resentful of his mother, uncle, and brother. From a young age, he understood that he wanted to be the one making his decisions and his ambitions were boundless. While his brother was out taking breaks and socialising with the other children, Tambet studied, practised, talked with veterans and skilled tacticians, learning all he could from their experiences.


On Pekko's sixteenth birthday their uncle declared during a grand feast that the time had come. With a rousing speech he pledged to aid Pekko reclaim his father's land.
2012 BA 1936 BA 76 years old
Light blue
Shoulder length, ashen blonde
1.80 m
72 kg
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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