Worshipers of Abrea

The world owns us a dept that can only be repaid with conversion. Abrea's followers cleansed Lethea from the Aberati threat. Without us, you would all be dead.
Inquisitor Veitari Haiei, 1219 AA
  Abreanism is a monotheistic religion based on the life and teachings of Abrea, the Lady of the Lake. Her followers were for centries just the people of a small town known nowadays as Sentijk, but with the Ascension of Hillen, it quickly became the dominant religion in the South. By now Abreanism has gone through two major schisms that have split its followers between three major branches.  


An Abreanist temple is known as a Kiretia, and they are managed by the Kireseriati. The members of the clergy both work and live there. That means that all of those buildings must include living quarters that are large enough for beds and dining tables.   There are three main types of buildings where people can go for their religious needs. Each type serves to fulfil a specific purpose. The Kirevassa, for example, is perfect for smaller towns and villages with fewer people and resources. Such a building would only be able to house a handful of Serisati and the Kireseriati, but for a small settlement that would be more than enough.   In larger cities, all three types of buildings would be represented. Still, the illustrious Kirevesiati would outshine them all with their towering statures and the services they provide for the populace. There aren't any uniform designs for building Kiretiati, meaning architects have a great amount of freedom in exchange for the buildings recognizability.


A Kirevesi is a massive building with a large public bathroom and multiple private baths for religious contemplation.


A Kiretaev is a large building where people hold funeral ceremonies and where the dead lay buried.


A Kirevassa is a small building where people go to worship. Usually built in smaller settlements where Kirevesiati and Kiretaevati are unavailable.
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606 BA
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Sacred Language

Abrea was the daughter of Ambrelian parents and therefore spoke Ambrelic as her native language. When the Teachings were written down, they were done so in her mother tongue.   Since then, Ambrelic has become the sacred language of the faith. All religious texts and documents are written in it, the clerics speak it in Kiretia, and due to its popularity, the secular rulers of the world have also adopted it as a common language that they could use for communicating with one another.

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