Historical Events

All major events that have affected the continent of Lethea and the rest of Ryel.

  • 8612 BA


    The Arrival of the Panedur

    The panedur emerge from underneath the Patic mountains and they establish the High Kingdom of Patoin

  • 8102 BA

    Yuntanish Unification

    The first Archon unites the disjointed Yuntanish tribes into the first human feudal monarchy.

  • 8003 BA

    7854 BA

    Luptori Migrations
    Population Migration / Travel

    Orcs from Luptor sail over the sea and settle on Lethea. They came in two large waves. The first wave consisted of people from the Lorgz tribe and the other one had people from the Nilin tribe.

  • 7541 BA

    6819 BA

    Yuntanish Invasions
    Military action

    The Yuntanish Imperium wages war and subjugates the human tribes of southern Lethea. After fulfilling their ambitions, the Archon declares himself Emperor of Lethea.

  • 7121 BA

    7117 BA

    Orcs Cross the Divide
    Population Migration / Travel

    A group of orcs from the Nilin tribe cross the Divide in hopes of finding a better home.

  • 5401 BA

    5390 BA


    Lethean-Patoin War
    Military action

    Lethea declares was on Patoin after a diplomatic incident. The panedur armies were defeated by genetically engineered dragon-human hybrids called Dantuir and Patoin loses all territory on the surface.

  • 5354 BA

    5309 BA

    Dismantling of Lethea
    Disaster / Destruction

    Lethea starts forcing genetic modifications on people and the different peoples living under their rule start opposing them and eventually constant revolts and overextension results in the dismantling of the Empire.

  • 4100 BA

    3500 BA

    The Drying of the Rahigina
    Geological / environmental event

    The Rahigina, a great humid grassland, began to lose its humidity and over the following centuries, the grassland turned into a desert.

  • 2944 BA

    The Arrival of the Elhen
    Population Migration / Travel

    The Qerthéllnavalic Imperium left behind their home continent Cirell and they crossed the ocean and landed on Lethea.

  • 2715 BA

    1991 BA

    Elhenian Expansion
    Military action

    The Qerthéllnavalic Imperium subjugates nearby human tribes, but their conquests ultimately ends when Imperatrix Qerthéllnaval Tervéla Riannan and King Tambet Käruli of Sarala sign the Pact of Brotherhood.

  • 1000 BA

    Havond's Ascension
    Religious event

    Havond, a Cehvoxlier warlord, unites all Cehvox tribes. He becomes respected and loved and due to his actions in life, he ascends and becomes the Autumn God of Conquest.

  • 872 BA

    Elhenian Division
    Political event

    Due to political disagreements, the southern territories peacefully secede from the rest of the Imperium under the leadership of Imperator Valhértis Talvor Hertin. The new state was named the Imperium of Valhértis.

  • 867 BA

    860 BA

    Patic Purge
    Disaster / Destruction

    The new Imperium of Valhértis wanted the riches of the Patic Kingdom, a successor state of Patoin, and so they bullied the panedur king until he stood up for himself and refused to be treated like a slave. As punishment, the Valhértisian Imperium sent an army to purge the panedur.

  • 848 BA

    802 BA

    War of Retribution
    Military action

    The Toldenian and Almitic Kingdoms forge an alliance with the Vivernian separatists and the Qerthéllnavalic Imperium. A few weeks later, they officially declare war on the Valhértisian Imperium. The war would last for 46 years and it became known as the War of Retribution.

  • 606 BA

    Religious event

    A kind-hearted young woman named Abrea went missing and was later found dead on the shores of Amber Lake. Her deeds in life encouraged hundreds of people to become more friendly and virtuous. Several years after her death she became a local deity.

  • 240 BA

    1 AA

    The Invasion
    Military action

    Lord Protector Simin l'Krenvox gathered an army of fellow Cehvoxliers, mind-controlled orcs, and goblinoids. His goal was the conquest of Lethea and the ascension to godhood, but eventually, after centuries of bloodshed, he was stopped by Brother Gilbert Hillen.

  • 239 BA

    Traitor's Betrayal
    Disaster / Destruction

    Qerthéllnavali archmage Naendiél Lathanie completed a powerful ritual that turned him into a lich. The ritual ended with a gigantic arcane explosion that killed almost everything in a 20-mile radius. Since he finished the ritual in Dé Aniés Labill, the capital of the Qerthéllnavalic Imperium, the explosion killed most important government officials and generals, causing the Imperium to collapse as the lich's undead began to terrorize the populace.

  • 238 BA

    Destruction of Cehvox
    Disaster / Destruction

    A large host of mages attempted to destroy the Invader's army before they would reach the Vigil. The mages had made a terrible miscalculation and their spells went off too early. The invading army was unharmed, but their homeland was torn apart and Cehvox ended up in a state of anarchy for decades.

  • 11 BA

    1 BA

    First Divine March
    Military action

    Gilbert Hillen, a preacher of Abrea, Goddess of the Lake of Amber, managed to the turn refugees who were trying to get away from the Invaders army into faithful zealots. With this new army, Hillen started the First Divine March.

  • 0 BA

    Explosion at Athe
    Era beginning/end

    The armies of the Invader find the armies of Gilbert Hillen near a small village called Athe in the Divide. During the battle, a large magical explosion went off that created the Atheish Plateau and killed most of the soldiers on both sides. The corpses of the two leaders were never found.

  • 2 AA

    Human Kingdoms
    Political event

    Human tribes start forming proper feudal kingdoms and the Stone Shore is given to the survivors of the First March.

  • 8 AA

    Political event

    The Meritocracy of Ithelmark was founded. Its purpose was to find out where the invaders came from and to guard the Vigil.

  • 12 AA

    14 AA


    Second Divine March
    Political event

    Ithelmark asked the Alstirsus of the Hillenistic Church to call for a Second Divine March to counter-attack and make sure that nothing else crossed the Vigil and the Lostriver. Unfortunately for the Hillenists, most of the marchers got lost and died in the Lowfall Marsh and afterward the Treaty of Toffin was signed. It forbid people to cross the Vigil and the Saralian lakes without permission from either the Alstirsus or the Grand Elder of Ithelmark.

  • 37 AA

    Sand Orcs
    Population Migration / Travel

    Orcs who had previously been mind-controlled by the Invader and managed to survive Athe, traveled to the Rahigina and established new settlements near the mountains.

  • 141 AA

    Kingdom of Pallernia
    Political event

    Tiyla Pentiwichen gains the respect and love of the citizens of the Kingdom of Montilia and when the monarch died without an heir, the local nobles reluctantly made her the new monarch and she used her new position of power to unite Montilia, Worland, Hartilia, and Latsolia into a single nation. The Kingdom of Pallernia.

  • 771 AA


    Unification with Rustilia-Hardisle
    Political event

    King Ferten Pentiwichen wanted to unite what he viewed were the Pallernic peoples and the last significant state to subjugate was the Kingdom of Rustilia-Hardisle. Previous wars against them had ended in a white peace so instead of declaring war the King offered his enemy an offer. Rustilia-Hardisle agreed to unite with Pallernia in exchange for a large degree of autonomy. After the unification treaty was signed, the Kingdom of Pallernia became the Empire of Pallernia.

  • 1503 AA

    1504 AA


    Herwick's Band
    Military action

    Karl Herwick leads an army of Pallernic exiles and battlemages to the Enlitic peninsula, crushing the panedur at the Battle of Kulnak. After the Enlitic Kingdom surrenders, Herwick establishes a new human Kingdom of Enlitica.

  • 1552 AA

    1554 AA


    The Bloodleaf War
    Military action

    A war between the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia and the Plutocracy of Helendriel erupts due to a disagreement regarding Helendrian bloodleaf dealers and their smuggling operations in Vivernia. Helendriel loses the war after a few years of fighting and they also lose territory to a clan of goblinoids.

  • 1555 AA

    1560 AA


    Empire of Goblins

    Clan Borgze unites all goblin clans in the former Helendrian county of Bargoné. They establish the Empire of Dra'kn and build the city of Gobshok.

  • 1560 AA


    Stunthi Raids
    Military action

    Pirates from the Stunthi archipelago escalate their raids against Vivernian and Pallernic coastal settlements. They managed to destroy several small villages and they killed the Duke of Hardisle, Eimart Gelhard, and the rest of his family. The only survivor was the Dukes son, Greg Gelhard.

  • 1566 AA

    1567 AA


    Rick's Expedition

    Rick and his companion Gandorf arrive in Elléval along with Cpt. Arvo Sirelen of Kirkka Battalion and his 80 Metsavärtija. They took a castle from the Lostriver goblins, but over time they angered their elhen allies and when the expedition tried kidnapping the Ysellare elder's daughter, the elhen garrison of their castle, along with some agents from clan Nelthérie, overthrew them during a battle against goblins.

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