Hillenist Coup

Military action


The Baglamist Reforms weren't well-received by many of the peasants who the Silver Alliance had promised to take care of during the previous election campaign. Determined to get rid of the reforms, they turned to the Independent Monarchist of Aussel. The Independent Monarchists had been coming up with plans to deal with such a situation since the 1530 elections. They knew that the Silver Alliance posed a threat to the Hillenist commonfolk and the independence of Aussel and so they plotted to overthrow the government.

On the 1st of Tiylavar, 1540 AA, just as the reforms were supposed to go into effect, members of the IMA ambushed the chancellor, arresting him and everyone else in the ruling coalition. As news of the coup spread throughout Steendern, the ruling parties' paramilitary wings rushed in to take back Velkberge Castle. The pro-government forces had fallen into an ambush and a brutal fight between unarmored men and women wielding bludgeouns, daggers, and whatever else they could find, ensued. At the end of the day, the Independent Monarchists had come out on top.

Their new Chancellor, Cilie Vehlow, promised to call for new elections once all of the previous government's reforms had been reversed and their crimes investigated.

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