Through Vivernia

Population Migration / Travel


Karl was allowed to recruit volunteers into his army under the understanding that he would allow the veterans to settle down in his newly conquered land and the deal suited him perfectly as he aspired to make his new nation free or at least nearly free of the old panedur inhabitants. In his opinion, a grateful human population would have been far easier to control than a resentful panedur one.   As the band travelled down the river they went from town to town, inn to inn, and looked around for volunteers. There was a limit to how many they could hire from a single settlement as the Vivernians didn't want to lose a significant amount of their population. Eventually, as they approached the neck of the Enlitic peninsula, Karl had people count his numbers and from what they could tell, the band's numbers had increased by around 25%. Not every recruit came to fight. Many were just family members of the warriors who assisted by doing the cooking, the laundry, and other more menial tasks around the camp.

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