Herwick's Band

Diplomatic action


After being banished from the Empire of Pallernia following their refusal to go along with the new laws that had made living with Vitaemancism a capital offence, the Herwicks gathered their supporters and freed as many mages as they could before leave their old homeland behind. Unsure where to go, the top leaders of the group plotted their route on a map. Many suggested that their band should go to the Magocracy of Alminthas but Karl Herwick considered the route too long and dangerous. They were on near the Pallernian-Vivernian border when the decision was being made and on the map they saw opportunity. Just beyond the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia lied the crumbling Enlitic Kingdom, a state panedur state that had been suffering from infighting.   Karl Herwick convinced his followers to support him in the invasion of the Enlitic Kingdom and to get there, one of Herwick's friends, a Vivernian woman named Caldia Fora, crossed the border to her homeland and contacted a representative of the government. She was able to negotiate a deal between Herwick's Band and the Military Dictatorship of Vivernia and the next day Karl Herwick crossed the border and signed the Treaty of Velota.

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