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I signed up to World Anvil this year in May, but for a while, I didn't do much. School had kept me busy and even after I graduated, I never felt comfortable writing something others could see, and as a result, I never took part in the other World Anvil events. But recently, I decided to take participate in NaNoWriMo just a day before it began. NaNoWriMo encouraged me to take part in word sprints and as I did them, I became more active on Discord and I saw the benefits of socializing with other writers and worldbuilders. Without the World Anvil NaNoWriMo community I wouldn't have reached 50k words, and if I hadn't taken part in that event, I wouldn't have found out about WorldEmber.

Now that I have over 60k words written for my novel I have plenty of articles to work on. New characters to write about, new information about countries and religions, and plenty of other stuff that will keep me busy for the following weeks.

A huge thank you to this wonderful community, you've all been wonderful and friendly.


Articles written during WorldEmber


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@ yeslittlehummingbird-deleted
Anna Elizabeth Boyett
3 Dec, 2018 16:25

Welcome to the tribe of WorldAnvil- and the tribe of people with Worldember journals lol.

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