Wilhelm af Ebersted

Wilhelm (a.k.a. Vil)

Wilhelm af Ebersted is one of the main characters of my 2018 National Novel Writing Month novel. I will continue to add more information about him as I write the book.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Wilhelm's body is skinny and frail and the only part that has defined muscles are his legs.

Facial Features

Wilhelm has a patchy dark brown stubble without the mustache. His jawline is square but pointy, and the shape of his head is long and thin.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

Wilhelm was born on the 2nd of Tolnor, 1548 AA. His mother, Anna, was a humble tailor in Ebersted and his fathers' identity had remained unknown to him, although he had his suspicions that it might have been either a troubadour who performed near her house, a traveling merchant who bought her products every time he had come through the city, or Gal Albrecht Tieken, a knight who had been the brother of the Baron of Bertzin. Unfortunately, all of those men had died and Wilhelm lacked the means to investigate anything.

  Wilhelm's mother had died age twenty, leaving Wilhelm, who was at the time only three years old, all alone. St. Brent's Foarkirijk became his shelter from the cold night breeze. There, the clergy fed and took care of him until he was eight years old. With no shelter and not a single aurel to his name, Wilhelm began looking for jobs. Something easy enough for a skinny eight-year-old boy, but with enought of an hourly wage that would help him get food for the day. For two years he kept doing odd jobs around town, getting enough money to buy a stale loaf of bread.

The Crimson Stiletto

Half a year after Wilhelm's tenth birthday, he met a stranger from Rittsvel. She had introduced herself as Art, and seemed sympathetic to Wilhelm's blights. After a long conversation in front of the city's prestigious foarkirjk, Art offered him a job at the Crimson Stiletto. In the inn, he served as a waiter, but the Crimson Stiletto isn't just a typical inn, the employees also worked as thieves and spies. Wilhelm took on the name Vil and began learning how to pick locks.


Wilhelm worked as a waiter and a burglar in the Crimson Stiletto, but his career ended there when the innkeeper, Teffer, betrayed him and his friend Art.

Morality & Philosophy

Wilhelm values and desires to live by the eight virtues of humanity, but sometimes fails to live up to those ideals. He refuses to kill people and given the choice between killing a suffering creature or walking away and trying to forget what he had seen, he'd choose the ladder.


Wilhelm af Ebersted

Friend (Important)

Towards Elianora Gernwichen



Elianora Gernwichen

Friend (Important)

Towards Wilhelm af Ebersted




Elianora and Wilhelm briefly met each other in the Crimson Stiletto on the 16th of Tiennor, 1565 AA. The two met again on the 18th underneath the city in a strange and ancient sewer system. From that point onward, their journey and relationship began to develop.

Year of Birth
1548 AA 19 Years old
Ebersted, County of Ebersted, Empire of Pallernia
Current Residence
Valskaen, County of Valskaen, Kingdom of Enlitica
Biological Sex
Light grey
Chestnut, short curly
1.73 m
54 kg
Known Languages

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