Vitaemancism is a non-hereditary condition that affects 0.005% of the human population. The condition gives the affected the ability to use the powers of a vitality mage.


Around the time a child reaches puberty, the condition will begin showing symptoms. Most only suffer from regular nosebleeds, but there have also been reports of blood coming out of people's ears. All symptoms go away as the child reaches adulthood.


The exact cause of the condition is unknown, but scholars and experts suspect that it might have something to do with the mental state of the affected. Everyone with the condition, suffer from some type of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety. Whether those mental illnesses increase the likelihood of a child being born with the condition or if vitaemancism is the cause of their mental problems is up to debate.

Cultural Reception

Hillenistic Society

Hillenists are against everyone who has the condition, as they believe that those affected have access to powers both cruel and unpredictable. Many influential Hillenistic countries such as the Empire of Pallernia and the Theocracy of Athe have created laws that give the authorities the right to kill all children who have vitaemancism. People who suspect that someone might have the condition can receive a generous award if they inform the authorities, and following an investigation, if the judges determine that the accused was what the accuser claimed they were, then the individual suffering from vitaemancism will be crucified and burnt alive in public.

Baglamist and Orthodox Society

Both the Baglamist and the Orthodox branches of Abreanism agree that unjustly murdering people just for being born with a condition neither they nor their parents could do nothing about, was inhumane. Many Baglamist countries grant residency or citizenship to all refugees who are escaping from the persecution of the vitaemancists. In the Mageocracy of Alminthas, vitality mages are well respected and granted extra privileges.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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