Battle System Mechanics

Supply companies are support units that consist of seventy-five soldiers who carry around ammunition for both artillery and the archers. They are lightly armored and only carry short sidearms such as daggers and arming swords. Though they are armed, supply units should stay away from all fights.
Can provide ammunition
Support all adjacent units
Almost no Damage Reduction
Poor melee skill
Why do the enemy mages always target us?
— Vemir Voldo, Vlandish soldier


Adjacency bonus
Adjacency bonus
Supply units are horrible at combat and should avoid getting into fights. Without armor and shields, supply companies have one of the lowest Damage Reduction ratings and the best place to keep them near friendly units who use ammunition, such as archers and artillery. That way they will be protected by other units and they will be able to provide those units with additional ammunition.

Pass the Ammunition

The supply unit provides all friendly adjacent units with 2 ammunition per turn.

Supply unit
Manpower 75
Damage Reduction 5
Morale 45
Missile -
Melee 0
Barrage -

Pursuing 0
Medic -
Repair 0

Speed 4
Range -

Ammunition -
Stealth 4

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