Spirit-Snatchers of Sarala

Protectors of the Sacred Woods

You'd best stay away from the grove! The Spirit-Snatchers don't take kindly to people throwing tantrums in such sacred places!
— Tiiu Valtto, concerned mother

  According to Saralian tales, their ancient holy places are protected by mysterious creatures that lurk in the woods. These creatures are small and numerous. When they hear or see someone around a shrine, they start stalking them. If the visitor is well behaved, then the protectors will ignore them. Those who break customs, make noise, or desecrate the sites, however, will be swarmed by a large group of the small creatures. The guardians will pull the spirit out of the person, eventually causing them to die.

Coloured Stones

The tales say that the Spirit-Snatchers leave behind a collection of stone slabs wherever they snatch a spirit. The slabs are almost always coloured and leaned against smaller rocks. The vibrancy of the colour is a good indicator of the age of the slab. Eventually, over time, the colour will fade away, and the stones will look mundane. These stones are most often seen around sacred sites close to the lakes.
Coloured Stones
Coloured Stones by Mihkel Rand
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Children's Tale

The tale of the Spirit-Snatchers of Sarala is known to both to most in the country, but its primary purpose is to prevent children from misbehaving in holy areas. Most adults don't believe in the snatchers existence, but they understand the value in telling the tale to their offspring.   The only part of the story that has remained a mystery is the coloured stones. No one knows where they got there or who paints them. New ones occasionally appear, and the culprits haven't been caught.

Cover image: Orissaare Coast by Mihkel Rand


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