Simin l'Krenvox

Lord Simin l'Krenvox (a.k.a. The Invader)

Personality Characteristics


Simin fervently believed in the Autumn Gods and desired to ascend to divinity by accomplishing a great feat. He befriended the Nélhven archmage Naendiél Lathanie, who forged a powerful magical amulet. With this artifact and the support of the archmage, Lord l'Krenvox conspired to conquer all of Lethea.


Religious Views

Simin l'Krenvox was a zealous worshipper of the Autumn Gods. He loved the fact that mortal men could ascend to godhood and his favorite deity was Havond, God of Conquest.

Wealth & Financial state

Lord l'Krenvox possessed the wealth of the Kingdom of Cehvox and as his hordes of men, orcs, and goblinoids pillaged wealthy settlements, his coffers began to overflow with wealth.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Protector of Cehvox
271 BA 1 AA 272 years old
Circumstances of Death
Lord Simin l'Krenvox died at the Battle of Athe when Brother Gilbert Hillen caused a large arcane explosion. The explosion killed around 60%-70% of the combatants, but Simin l'Krenvox's corpse was never found.
Light brown
Grey, short, curly
1.79 m
78 kg


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