Plutocracy of Helendriel

Helendriel, officially the Plutocracy of Helendriel is a sovereign state in Southern Lethea . Helendriel is the legitimate successor state to the ancient Imperium of Valhértis. Nowadays the people of their country are decadent and self-loathing.

The largest city and the capital of the Plutocracy of Helendriel, is Helendriel. The country's other major cities are Kyve Alla, Uvendali, Alsera. and Anea.



Helendriel's head of state is called a Denérian. Denérians represent their country and act as important diplomats who have the power to establish new diplomatic agreements with other nations. All those agreements will have to gain the approval of the Gadésia.

In 1567 AA the head of state is Wiléndyl Frés.


The Gadésia is a collection of 50 men who have bought the right to be there by donating a hefty sum to the state. They are the decision makers in the plutocracy. Whenever a law gets proposed or the Denéiran tried forging new diplomatic relations with neighboring countries, the Gadésia will have the final say in the matter. For important decisions such as diplomatic agreements, declarations of war, or large administrative reforms, 78% of the Gadésia are required to vote in favor of it. For smaller changes in laws and other less significant things, only 52% is required.

Pelyn Udan

The Pelyn Udan is the man who donated the most to the state's coffers and as a reward for such a charitable action, they get to be the head of government.

Political Parties

Sehenian Isolationism Party

The Sehenoan Isolationism Party, or SIP, is one of the most influential parties in the country. 23 out of the 50 members of the Gadésia are members of the party and they believe that the country should disconnect itself from the rest of the world, abandoning all diplomatic treaties and their relations with the other countries of Lethea. By disconnecting themselves from the rest of the world, the SIP believes that Helendriel could recover and end the rampant decadence that plagues its people.

Global Cooperation Alliance of Helendriel

The Global Cooperation Alliance of Helendriel, or GCoH, is the second most influential political party in the country and they have 19 of their party members in the Gadésia. The GCoH believe that the only way Helendriel can survive is by importing foreign talent who can whip the locals back to shape, but to do so, Helendriel would also need to become an important entity on the political stage of Southern Lethea, and it must not be overshadowed by larger human countries.

Royalist Party of Helendriel

The Royalist Party of Helendriel, or RPH, is a nationalist and royalist party that wishes to restore the ancient Imperium of Valhértis by whipping the locals back in shape by imposing heavy taxes on luxuries such as drugs, tobacco, coffee, and alcohol. They believe that the state should rebuild a strong standing army that could easily overwhelm the armies of the Empire of Dra'kn before their allies could intervene in time.

Minister of Defence

Ménaev Tisvenilan (SIP)

Minister of Education

Naraev Lenhalan(SIP)

Minister of the Interior

Véretes Melorioa (SIP)

Minister of Culture

Mánor Geilá (GCoH)

Minister of Justice

Edinói Ilthede (GCoH)

Minister of Rural Affairs

Aliesion Méhdilnatiar (RPH)

Demography and Population

Residents by species (1567 AA)

Species Percentage
Elhen 88%
Humans 4%
Goblins 2%
Others 6%

Residents by ethnicity (1567 AA)

Ethnicity Percentage
Sehenians 84%
Rehenians 4%
Vivernians 2%
Pre-Patic Goblin 1%
Renish 1%
Others 7%


Founding Date
12 BA
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Market economy
Tulips (not a flower, but a coin with a flower on one side)
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Chamber of Law and Order
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

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