Military Police

Battle System Mechanics

Military police companies consist of a hundred and fifty soldiers who are lightly armored. They help keep the men in line and make sure no one flees the field of battle. Military police companies tend to use the same armor as light infantry, but their weaponry depends on where they came from. In some cultures, military police are only allowed to use blunt wooden weapons such as quarterstaves or clubs, but in others swords and spears are also acceptable.

Can rally routed troops
Adjacent units are resistant towards morale damage
Low Damage Reduction
Poor melee skill

It's hard to run when you have a guy with a big stick behind you.
— Viktoria Eitwichen, Pallernian mercenary


Military Police zone
Military police companies are the weakest melee infantry units. They have a lower Damage Reduction than light infantry and their melee damage skill is on the same level as that of the archer's.

Military police are best kept behind stronger units, preferably surrounded by friendly units, or if not, then behind other units so that they could help prevent them from routing.

Bolster Morale

When the military police unit is adjacent to other friendly units, the friendly units will only take half of the morale damage inflicted upon them.

Military Police unit
Manpower 150
Damage Reduction 12
Morale 60

Missile -

Melee 2

Barrage -

Pursuing 0

Medic -

Repair 0

Speed 4

Range -

Ammunition -

Stealth 3


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